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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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the commercial ones sucked

I decided to stop settling for something that wasn't "me" and attend to a long-standing minor annoyance in my life. I had these cheap car seat covers that didn't stay on the seat right and honestly did not match my car very well. I looked all over for handmade ones and didn't have much success. I looked at various stores and balked at paying $20-$40 each for something that was either mind-numbingly plain or overly cartoony or wandering into the macho/bad ass zone. $60 in materials later and some time investment to figure out the engineering plus the great tutorial I found on Instructables, I now have these perfectly awesome car seat covers to compliment my car.

I used the old covers as a pattern and went from there. The fit is not perfect, but the old cover I used as a pattern never had a very good fit either. I am happy with my first attempt at this and can't get over how cool the black and white dots look down the sides. Now I have visions of dash board pads and a back seat cover for at least the lower part of the seat.


Simple Steering Wheel Cover
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Simple Steering Wheel Cover

A simple cover that didn't require sewing!

♥ 1
Car Seat Cover
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Car Seat Cover

Who says you have to spend $$$ for a new baby?

♥ 37
Personalize Your Steering Wheel
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Personalize Your Steering Wheel

now you can take your favourite plush anywhere you go =)

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Quick And Easy Steering Wheel Cover
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Quick And Easy Steering Wheel Cover

Personalize your ride!

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Crochet Eeyore Car Aerial Topper
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Crochet Eeyore Car Aerial Topper

To stop me losing my car at the supermarket!

♥ 4
The Mystery Machine
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The Mystery Machine

So I kinda panted my van like The Mystery Machine

♥ 6



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