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Pretty Easy

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, , Puerto Rico
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Add some color to a boring shirt


Take a boring shirt and add color with acrylic paint. Take your shirt place it on top of news paper do this outside or you will make a mess. Next take a lid and add some acylic paint the colors you want on you shirt. Next dip your paint brush in a bit of water and mix your first color with water dont make the paint to wet just a little. Now take the paint bush and shake it on top of the shirt make it drip on your shirt like if you were trying to dry the paint brush do this with different colors. Let it dry and wear it. The good thing here is that you can wash your shirt and the paint wont come off. Oh dont pay any attention to whats written on the front of this shirt its just something the teacher ask my daugther to write for school.



Peacock Feather Tee

Peacock Feather Tee

Feathers that won't fall apart!

♥ 6
Reconstructed T Shirt

Reconstructed T Shirt

Girly Famous shirt.

♥ 61
T Shirt Recon! (..Yes, Another One)

T Shirt Recon! (..Yes, Another One)

Oh come on.. You can't resist!

♥ 38
Harry Potter Shirt: Sectumsempra Spell

Harry Potter Shirt: Sectumsempra Spell

A shirt I made for the new Harry Potter movie

♥ 207
Diy Shirts

Diy Shirts

Get your personalized shirts for a cheaper price.

♥ 23
Ninja Turtles T Shirt

Ninja Turtles T Shirt

TMNT stencil - make your own customized t-shirt with your personal cartoon heroes!

♥ 9



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