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Nice & Simple

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Ohope, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
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Vai's new bestie...!

So my little man Vai doesn't have any brothers or I made him a wee 8-month-old sized monster...and he laughed and giggled and chortled and now he has a new best friend...not sure if it's a good thing that my son has bonded so strongly with an inanimate object but oh well...

Now to the business of making the wee the instructions off threadbanger which I am getting increasingly addicted fact in the scarce spare moments I have when I should be sleeping I actually watch episode after episode of threadbanger on I have a problem perhaps? Anyway the link is as follows

Found it relatively easy to follow...not actually sure how long it took as I did it in dribs and drabs in between attending to my son's multitudinous needs...and was super thrilled with my little monster...but not as thrilled as Vai :)



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