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a plushie tree with strings to hang the toilet paper in a funny way =)

It's very simple to do, but it takes me more than an hour because I started from an idea, not a pattern, so... How To: take a IKEA fabric (the one with trees, of course!), cut one tree, leaving a border of 4/5 cm, than use it as a pattern to cut another one and pinch the 2 trees together, backside on backside. Sew the 2 trees boards together, leaving a hole that you'll use to fill the plushie. Add 2 strings, one on the bottom of the tree, one just under the leaves. Add a little piece of string on the top, to hang it. Hang it on your bathroom wall. DONE =)

Toddlers Shoe Holder

Toddlers Shoe Holder

easy painting to make a new shoe holder

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Hook Out Of Old Coat Hanger Hook

Hook Out Of Old Coat Hanger Hook

Raw recycled hooks

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Gaby A.
Gaby A. · 6 projects

Thats was cute, I'm going to make one for my future apartment ><


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