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a mexican cactus

I saw other people made cacti so I decided to try and make my own Mexican cactus. I know the hat didn't really work but I still like him.

btw you also need a needle and thread and some black felt but i didn't put them down on the list because my computer was being slow. :D



Carla The Cactus

Carla The Cactus

a cute , sensible cacti girl

♥ 9


Stuffed Cactuar

♥ 6
Cactus Buddies

Cactus Buddies

not so prickly, are we?

♥ 1
Happy Cactus

Happy Cactus

A whole new type of fake plant.

♥ 10
Kappa Cactus

Kappa Cactus

just like a real cactus but without all the pointy parts.

♥ 6
Mrs. Cactus

Mrs. Cactus

Cuddley Cactus? Hmm...

♥ 2



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