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Paper Advent Calendar

♥ 5
Victorian Ornaments

♥ 7
Holiday Gift Tags

Why not make your own?

♥ 9
Portal Camera   Papercraft

♥ 7
Mini Jojo

♥ 2
Straw And Snowball Garland

a pretty christmas garland made from natural straw and pompoms!

♥ 10
Strange Necklace

You just have to write something on it, and you have a messge tag! :D

♥ 12
Paper Heart

♥ 1
Paper Christmas Tree

♥ 4
I Love Paper Beads

♥ 3
Advent Calendar

I made a last-minute calendar with easy to find supplies

♥ 34
Magazine Bowl

♥ 20
Paper Village

♥ 28
Tiny Fave Paperdoll Figures Of Your Fave Cerealbox Or How To Make Very Tiny Brads

how to make tiny brads and tiny fave figure paperdoll of your scraps

♥ 19
Blossom Necklace

love me

♥ 6
Mini Book Earrings

mini book earrings.

♥ 130
Magazine Bracelets

Another recycle project... This was a real treat for me!! :o)

♥ 29
Nice Rose Ring

how to make rose ring

♥ 13
Book Art

♥ 21
Cutie Cutie Bracelet

love its yeah

♥ 28
Simple Necklace

brighten up any outfit

♥ 3
Paper Mache Necklace

elegant necklace made of recyled newspaper

♥ 8
Paper Bead Bracelet

recycled paper bead bracelet

♥ 40
Paper Bead Necklace

a unique and earth friendly jewelry

♥ 10
Bead Me String

Paper beaded headphones

♥ 5
End Less Letter

Great, original and easy gift

♥ 14
Zombie Score

♥ 8
The Ancient Evil

♥ 4
Children's Autumn Picture

Something the kids will love creating when the weather starts turning cold.

♥ 6
Holiday Gift Tags

less santa, more radness!

♥ 7
Made A Pretty Box!

For stationery, gifts, or keepsakes!

♥ 43
Monstrous Gift Bags


♥ 2
Crafty Bookmark  Originally By Anna The Ewok

A cute, easy, and inexpensive bookmark!

♥ 7
Paper Beads

Recycle junk mail, graded work, to do lists, and just about anything else.

♥ 20
Recycled Paper

♥ 6
Pac Man And The Ghosts

Wokka, wokka, wokka, wokka...

♥ 14

♥ 1
Recycled Tp Roll Christmas Ornament

go green this year

♥ 84
Easy Triangle Boxes


♥ 166
Page Corner Book Marks

Easy! :)

♥ 34
Pleated Paper Flowers

These recycled paper flowers employ a bookbinder's trick to make them foolproof, sturdy, and gorgeous enough to eat.

♥ 420
Leaf Skull Rubbing N Ghosts Wreath

Fun decoration for kid's to make for Halloween paper craft using leaves for texturing and handprints for ghost shapes.

♥ 0
Lunch Bag Haunted Houses

Corky Haunted Houses

♥ 9
Halloween Paper Bags

♥ 0
Paper Braclet/Decor/Storage Cup

dirt poor and creative!!

♥ 3

Pinwheels in the wind

♥ 61
Note Keychain

♥ 0
Book Beads

these beads feature little 'pages' that you can turn

♥ 649
Business Cards Ala Valentine Chic!

Use your left over Valentine cards to craft yourself some little contact cards

♥ 3
Halloween Cat Clock

Spooktacular Halloween Cat Clock!

♥ 4
Retro Placemats And Coasters

'Update' your Placemats from Granny Retro to Funky Retro!

♥ 28
Present Bag

very easy and fast to create a present bag

♥ 5
Cute Halloween Taggies

♥ 7
Emergency Paper Sleeves For Cd Or Dvd

Dont buy D.I.Y

♥ 6
Paper Shoe

♥ 1
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