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♥ 2
Harvestmoon Horse Purse


♥ 0
Whale Plushie

♥ 1

momjeans, thrift, thrifted, pink, vintage, zara, secondhand

♥ 0
Simple Tote Bag

for my aunty

♥ 0
Cosmetics Bag

Are they turtles or tortoises?

♥ 4
Another School Bag

Made out of 2 pairs of old school trousers and an old shirt that was too small :)

♥ 11
Small Bag

Made for a cousin

♥ 1
Doctor Who Bookmark

♥ 2
Cameo Brooch

by Sophie Strong

♥ 2
Embroidered Tablecloth Patchwork Throw

Throw made from embroidered tablecloths

♥ 0
Mittens From An Old Jumper

Make Mittens from an Old Jumper

♥ 0
How To Embroider A Lazy Daisy

Make your clothes pop with some hand embroidered daisies.

♥ 5
How To Make A Horse

how to make a horse

♥ 0
Dutch Dairy Cow

♥ 1
Hand Sewn Coin Purse

completely hand sewn

♥ 2
Pokemon Uxie Plush

♥ 0
Strawberry Pin Cushion

Sweet and Sassy

♥ 5
Cross Stitch Purse

Vintage Inspired Cross-stitch purse!

♥ 30
Cute Plushie Bird

D.I.Y Cute Fluffy Bird!

♥ 31
Coffee Jar T Lite Holder Cozy

Coffee, knitting, reuse, recycle, sustainability, yarn craft, #crafty

♥ 1
Cross Stitch Card

Cross Stitch a Greeting Card!

♥ 6
Octopus Tote

♥ 2
Felt Fox Pillow

Sew a sweet felted fox pillow any child will love.

♥ 39
Embroidering On Canvas   Rainbow Dash

Embroider Wall Art.

♥ 4
Fox And Cubs

Super-Cute Felt Animals

♥ 13
Easy Hoop Art

Make Your Art, And Hang It Too!

♥ 7
Crochet Bunny Lovey

A cute and cuddly friend for the little one in your life

♥ 7
Kawaii Canvas Shoes Plus Shoe Wings!

Like Hermes, but cute.

♥ 21
Bow Bracelet

DIY tiny bow bracelet

♥ 8
Mashmallow Buddy

♥ 1
Satin Ribbon Hair Bow

Handmade Simple and Cute Hair Bows!

♥ 10
Felt Butterfly Pin

♥ 0
Jack Skellington T Shirt!

all you need is a black shirt and white acrylic paint! ...oh, and a paintbrush... :P

♥ 9
Girl Purse

♥ 0
School Shirt Refashion

make that baggy shirt a bit more fitted ^^

♥ 7
Tote Bag

made for a friend's birthday

♥ 2
Embroidered Hanging Heart Decoration

Hand embroidered heart

♥ 1
1920's Inspired Dress

Perfect for a Halloween costume

♥ 4
Woollen Pebble Mat

Vintage Home

♥ 6
Body Building With Yuki Onna

It's been a while so... here's how to make a lady body...

♥ 3
League Of Legends, Crochet Teemo Hat

Now a how-to! :)

♥ 5
Felt Elephant

Make your own cute felt elephant!

♥ 7
Provençal Tablecloth With Lavender Garland

The Maison Sajou Sewing Book

♥ 3
How To Finish An Embroidery Hoop

Learn a quick and easy way to finish an embroidery hoop.

♥ 10
Child's Drawing Embroidery

Stitch over a child's artwork for a unique embroidery!

♥ 3
Beginners Embroidery Hoop

Anybody can stitch! Even you.

♥ 7
How To Embellish A Dress With Cross Stitch

Embellish a Dress with Cross Stitch

♥ 6
Doctor Who, TARDIS Coin Purse

Doctor Who Inspired Purse

♥ 10
Drawstring Bag

♥ 0
Hook 'n Stitch Hearts Headband

Hook and stitch this headband with spring inspired colors

♥ 5
Cupcake And Coffee

♥ 2
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