Secret Santa

· Closes January 7th, 2013


Each of our sponsors has donated a prize, and there'll be as many winners as we have prizes!

Since it's a secret santa, we don't know what the prizes might be! We'll announce the prizes on Christmas day, and choose the winners at the end of the month.

Not all sponsors are able to ship to every country, although there are prizes available worldwide.

The contest has closed - winners announced soon!


Medium square 522795 10151215846693871 1034480893 n

Fuse die-cut & letterpress

from Fiskars

Die-cut and Letterpress in one pass

Won by:

Medium square 540827 10151215858373871 1456813682 n

Glitter bow hair clip

from Crown & Glory

Won by:

Medium square 526003 10151215844173871 511997324 n


from ModCloth

Won by:

Medium square 581607 10151215819933871 1448482981 n


from Sock Dreams

Won by:

Medium square 307671 10151215820803871 911032784 n

8GB Eye-Fi SD card

from Eye-Fi

Won by:

Medium square 526016 10151215812413871 1829499239 n

Baby Fish Eye camera & film

from Lomography


Won by:

Medium square 581401 10151215829753871 1343219402 n

Tea towel

from Poketo

Won by:

Medium square 27909 10151215835198871 18323613 n

Necklace & earrings

from Tarina Tarantino

Won by:

Medium square 281689 10151215850293871 43558710 n


from ShanaLogic

Won by:

Medium square 406592 10151215853443871 836094018 n

Fox lamp

from donkey & friends

Won by:

Medium square 9651 10151215840983871 142200729 n

3 month subscription

to BirchBox

Won by:

Medium square 533744 10151215865063871 1206630709 n

Furry collar & mushroom brooch

from Love From Hetty & Dave

Won by:

Medium square 734531 10151215867503871 1605526357 n

Notebooks & goodies

from FieldNotes

Won by:

Medium square 397768 10151215823933871 999765103 n

Cupcake purse

from Yummy You

Won by:

Medium square 580467 10151233343218871 1119322960 n

Polaroid frames

from Photojojo

Won by:


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