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    Goth Swap (Round 2)

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    Welcome to round 2 of the Goth Swap!

    Swap requirements:
    50+ board posts and be active on the boards
    5+ projects published
    Newbie vs. Vet swap completed
    (I will be diligent with checking board posts and everything since I'm on the boards a lot)

    Deadline to sign up is February 10.
    Partners announced on February 11.
    Mail-out date is February 28.

    For the purpose of this swap, small items include earrings, rings, badges, simple hair clips, bracelets, and pendants. Medium items are headbands, elaborate hair clips, fascinators, necklaces, and wristbands. Large items are t-shirts, tote bags, scarves, and hats.
    Everything should have a definite Gothic theme or style to it.

    You and your partner should send the following to each other:
    -3 small items, handmade
    -2 medium items OR 1 large item, handmade
    -1-2 small miscellaneous items (nail polish, trinkets and curios, etc)
    -Small amount of candy and tea

    Please be sure to provide teaser pictures here, and don't forget to post pictures of the package you receive! :)

    Monika G & Joss
    Hayley sends to Vicky; Vicky sends to Kat; Kat sends to Hayley

    I figured a UK Round Robin would be easiest for you three; if anything's a problem, let me know and I'll fix it. :)
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    Name: Monika G
    Location: South Dakota, USA
    Ship internationally: Yes
    Preferences/Favorites: My favorite bands are Das Ich and Thalarion. I like gargoyles, spiders, and bats, and my favorite color combos are black/purple and purple/green. I like layered and chunky jewelry and love hair accessories.

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    Name: Hayley
    Location: UK
    International Shipping: Sure

    Preferences: I like victorian/gothic style jewellery, I'm also really like things with an eye or eyes on them. I also like black cats and sugar skulls. I wear a lot of black, greys and reds, would love a ring (adjustable) or earrings, I dont wear nail polish or hair accessories but I like make up like dark lipstick or eyeshadow.

    Medium eyes 2
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    Sugar! One more project to go before I can sign up for this one!
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    :o I can't believe you've only got 4 projects and you do so many swaps!
    Sign up anyway, I know you're a good swapper :)
    The project amount is mostly to make sure that people who haven't posted any of their work for reference won't make the swap unpleasant for anyone else. I figured that some new rules for this swap might be helpful since there has been a lot of swap drama lately.
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    YAY!!! Finally an awesome swap happening when I can afford it and have time =D

    Name: Rawr.rawr.x (Joss)
    Location: South Africa
    Ship internationally: Yep!
    Preferences/Favorites: (music, imagery, etc): I love all things elegant goth, bats, spiders, wolves, heartagrams (the band HIM's logo), anything with spikes, chokers, lace and lots more. My favourite colours are black, dark purple and blood red.
    *edit* Oh I forgot to say I have a current obsession with bird skulls (especially ravens)
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    Yay Jossie! I was hoping you would be able to join this one :) Glad to have you aboard!
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    Plenty of time left for sign-ups.

    Can't wait!
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    Awww I hope this keeps going on! I'm just starting the newbie vs vet swap and don't have enough board posts.
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    I'll be hosting more swaps like this every few months. :) So don't worry if you can't make this one.
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    11 more days to sign up. :)
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    Bumping this board up incase we get any last minute sign ups! *fingers crossed*
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    Sure hope we do!
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    Maybe send an email out to your CO+K friends? Maybe remind Mary! :)
    Would be great if we could get more than 3 people! But if that is the case, maybe a round robin type swap will be good?
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    Yeah, I'm thinking about Round Robin... or if it's just us 3, we could each make 2 packages to send out. Messaging Mary. :)
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    Sorry guys, I already have a few swaps going on right now and I don't want to bite more than I can chew. I'll join next one though, promise! :)
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    I would be up for 2 but perhaps extend the send out deadline if we are making double the amount!
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    I'm at 48 board posts (gah! I should be more active D:)
    Would you guys be cool with that? Completed swap and I've been around for quite some time.

    Edit: 49 now, I guess the post with details would be 50? Hehe
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    Ha- You're in Colchester- awesome, I'm in Romford!
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    Haha! That's awesome! :D I love it when I find people close to home!

    And since I've topped 50 posts now...

    Name: Vicky
    Location: UK
    Ship internationally: Sure can do! :)
    Preferences/Favorites: (music, imagery, etc) Spiders and bats! Spiders and bats everywhere!! Anything creepy cute is great too. I love the colour orange and things to do with pumpkins. I often wear lolita and I enjoy Visual Kei music and style. I rarely wear t-shirts, I prefer tank tops or shirts.
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    Is it too late to sign up. In case I'm in luck here's my details. If I've missed the deadline I'd love to join in if there's a round 3.

    Name: Kat
    Location: UK
    Ship Internationally: Yes, I love getting and sending packages abroad :)
    Preferences/favourites: Bats, Ankhs, Cats, velvet, fur, shocking pink, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Placebo, Siouxsie & the Banshees, XC-NN, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Nightmare Before Christmas, I also wear a ton of black :) The only thing I don't wear is crosses.

    I haven't signed up for a swap for about 6 months but have done the minimum - the list of swaps I've done are on my profile.
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    Gotcha :)

    Today, the 10th, is the last day to sign up! I hope we can get 1-3 more. If not, I can do two swaps :)
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    Thats so cool :) I'm really looking forward to getting crafting as I haven't done a swap in a while but this one was right up my street.
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    This board is still top on the main page, hopefully that'll drag a couple more people in before tomorrow! Looking forwards to doing this one :) hopefully monika won't have to take on more than one swap since that just seems unfair on her :(
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    It's not unfair... right now I have plenty of free time and some disposable income, lol.
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    Partners are posted. Me & Joss, and you UK girls have a Round Robin setup.
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    Great, thanks Monika :)
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    Thanks Monika - that saves me a bit of postage and everyone will get their goodies quicker :) I hope its okay but I added an extra note to my initial sign up info to say the only thing I don't wear is crosses. I'm a Humanist and I feel wrong wearing something that has a religious significance to others and I was bought up with a lot of crosses around me so they freak me out a bit :/
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    Great! Thank you :) This setup seems like it will work well. Can't wait to get crafting!
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    No worries, Kat! :)

    I'm glad you're all fine with the round robin pairing. I know international shipping has been a pain for everyone lately; it's over $2 an ounce internationally for me right now unless I use flat rate, which can be painful! lol