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    Christmas Dotee Swap 2012!

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    ****This swap is now closed and partners have been posted****

    Christmas Dotee Swap! YAY! ^__^

    Dotee Dolls are usually about 3-7 inches tall, they have a loop at the top so they can be hung up (in this case- on the christmas tree!), and they usually have a beaded tail.

    If you’ve not heard of Dotees before, here are some good resources to find out more information and for inspiration too!

    The Creator Of Dotees Blog


    How-to make A Dotee on You Tube


    And a Flickr Group


    This swap is for Newbies and Vets, BUT you must have completed the Newbie vs Vet Swap before signing up- so you have a Vet to vouch for you.

    For this swap you will make:

    *1 finished Doll with a Christmas theme (please keep your doll religiously nuetral)

    *A note, small story or bio about your Doll- make sure you include the dolls name!

    *Materials so your partner can make another doll- So Atl east two 6in squares of fabric and some embellishments, like buttons, sequins or beads.

    Sign up until: Friday 23rd November

    Send out deadline: Friday 7th December


    Partners! Partners! PARTNERS!!!

    1. Hayley S- EVEnl

    2. Maytag and Essex Debs

    3. Caitlin and 36 Green Ducks

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    ::waving hand frantically::'

    Me, me! Sign me up!!!!

    Just learned about these Dotee dolls recently- and I gotta do it, my Dotee Spirit told me to Happy

    Name: Maytag Suzanne

    Location: Illinois, USA

    Newbie/Vet: I am a newbie

    Yes, will ship internationally

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    I would love to join.

    Name: Caitlin

    Location: Maryland, US

    Newbie: yes and did complete newbie/vet swap

    International shipping?: yes

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    I feel like trying something new. Sign me up!

    Name: Jennifer/36 Green Ducks/36GD

    Location: London, UK

    Newbie: This will be my 4th swap; including the newbie/vet swap

    International Shipping: Yes

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    No other takers this year? ^__^

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    \(^.^)/ Me pleasssseee! I would love to join!

    Name: Yvonne

    Location: Schipluiden, the Netherlands

    Newbie/Vet: Vet

    International shipping?: yes

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    I haven't done a swap in SO long! I remember when Pam first introduced these.. Such a cute different thing to do. I think I'm going to do this but I don't want to sign up for something and not have time for it, so I'm going to try and start on one and if I manage to do that then I should surely be able to finish on time! Happy

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    i would but my sewing machine broke this last year and i havnt been able to do any fabric crafts Happy

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    @Sally- Good plan, its always really stressfull when you've gotten over excited and signed up for too many swaps! Happy

    @Gnomes- Dotees are nearly always hand sewn items- and the great thing about them is that they dont have to be perfect AT ALL, they are totally beginner friendly! So I hope you reconsider Happy

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    That would be my comment to Gnomes as well.If you can break a sewing machine you can hand sew a dottee.

    I'll sign up for the swap as well.


    Location:Bellevue WA


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    @Gnomes - I don't even know how to use a sewing machine - so mine has been hand done.

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    1 more day left to sign up!

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    Hey guys, i'm going to start pairing people up in a few hours time, just a warning for any last minute sign ups!

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    Partners are up! Get in touch with each other for addresses and give your partners profile a read for inspiration, happy crafting and happy Christmas y’all!

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    Big storm Friday my dottee is complete.Just awaiting contact from Suzanne

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    Same here, I made mine over the weekend, just waiting for an address from EVEnl.

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    EVEnl has been in touch, i'll be posting mine out this week Happy

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    I sent out Caitlin's doll on Monday. I got an message from and she said she will me posting mine on Weds.

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    Mine should be with EVEnl any day now Happy She has messaged me and I hope to get hers soon.

    I'm not sure whats happened to Maytag, but I may be angelling for Debs.

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    Your package is on its way! Happy

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    A teaser for 36 green ducks Happy

    Medium img 20121205 113835
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    Yay! I can't wait!!

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    EVEnl should have received mine by now, so hopefully we'll hear from her soon Happy If not I have a pic of what I sent.

    I am angelling for Essex Debs and am happy to say that her one is done and will be in the post tomorrow.

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    Opps,I forgot to post a teaser.She left on Friday !

    Medium hayleyt
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    I came home from vacation/holiday to find Caitlin's doll sitting on my doorstep. (I don't know how long it had been there and I am so thankful no one stole it!) After a long trip home and it being 2am, it was a wonderful treat!

    Once the coffee kicks in and I unpack, I will post pictures.

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    @36GD- any luck on those pictures?

    Update from me- Essex Debs should have received mine by now, but i've not heard from her yet.

    EVEnl has confirmed she has received but cant post pictures untill this weekend.

    Who else is still waiting...Caitlin- have you had yours?

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    No sign of mine yet-will let you know as soon as it arrives ,nothing worse than not knowing how a package is received ;0)

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    Sorry about the delay. I took it to work to hang it up at my desk forgot to take a picture - until yesterday.

    I have attached a picture.

    I sent mine out over two weeks ago but I haven't heard from her on whether she had recieved it or not. I will PM her now.

    Medium img0142a
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    Im sorry, i have been really busy getting ready for the holidays. I havent recieved it yet but it should be here any day now i hope