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    Christmas Dotee Swap 2012!

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    ****This swap is now closed and partners have been posted****

    Christmas Dotee Swap! YAY! ^__^

    Dotee Dolls are usually about 3-7 inches tall, they have a loop at the top so they can be hung up (in this case- on the christmas tree!), and they usually have a beaded tail.

    If you’ve not heard of Dotees before, here are some good resources to find out more information and for inspiration too!

    The Creator Of Dotees Blog


    How-to make A Dotee on You Tube


    And a Flickr Group


    This swap is for Newbies and Vets, BUT you must have completed the Newbie vs Vet Swap before signing up- so you have a Vet to vouch for you.

    For this swap you will make:

    *1 finished Doll with a Christmas theme (please keep your doll religiously nuetral)

    *A note, small story or bio about your Doll- make sure you include the dolls name!

    *Materials so your partner can make another doll- So Atl east two 6in squares of fabric and some embellishments, like buttons, sequins or beads.

    Sign up until: Friday 23rd November

    Send out deadline: Friday 7th December


    Partners! Partners! PARTNERS!!!

    1. Hayley S- EVEnl

    2. Maytag and Essex Debs

    3. Caitlin and 36 Green Ducks

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    ::waving hand frantically::'

    Me, me! Sign me up!!!!

    Just learned about these Dotee dolls recently- and I gotta do it, my Dotee Spirit told me to Happy

    Name: Maytag Suzanne

    Location: Illinois, USA

    Newbie/Vet: I am a newbie

    Yes, will ship internationally

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    I would love to join.

    Name: Caitlin

    Location: Maryland, US

    Newbie: yes and did complete newbie/vet swap

    International shipping?: yes

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    I feel like trying something new. Sign me up!

    Name: Jennifer/36 Green Ducks/36GD

    Location: London, UK

    Newbie: This will be my 4th swap; including the newbie/vet swap

    International Shipping: Yes

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    No other takers this year? ^__^

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    \(^.^)/ Me pleasssseee! I would love to join!

    Name: Yvonne

    Location: Schipluiden, the Netherlands

    Newbie/Vet: Vet

    International shipping?: yes

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    I haven't done a swap in SO long! I remember when Pam first introduced these.. Such a cute different thing to do. I think I'm going to do this but I don't want to sign up for something and not have time for it, so I'm going to try and start on one and if I manage to do that then I should surely be able to finish on time! Happy

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    i would but my sewing machine broke this last year and i havnt been able to do any fabric crafts Happy

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    @Sally- Good plan, its always really stressfull when you've gotten over excited and signed up for too many swaps! Happy

    @Gnomes- Dotees are nearly always hand sewn items- and the great thing about them is that they dont have to be perfect AT ALL, they are totally beginner friendly! So I hope you reconsider Happy

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    That would be my comment to Gnomes as well.If you can break a sewing machine you can hand sew a dottee.

    I'll sign up for the swap as well.


    Location:Bellevue WA


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    @Gnomes - I don't even know how to use a sewing machine - so mine has been hand done.

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    1 more day left to sign up!

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    Hey guys, i'm going to start pairing people up in a few hours time, just a warning for any last minute sign ups!

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    Partners are up! Get in touch with each other for addresses and give your partners profile a read for inspiration, happy crafting and happy Christmas y’all!

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