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    I had an idea that we could do a theme swap where each person lists their 3 favorite symbols/ pattern (and maybe color)and their swap partner has to amke 3 different items based on their wishes ( or maybe one item that incorporates all?). for example my list is anchors/ nautical , bows, and navy and white stripes, and my colors are blue green, navy and light green. So as an example let's say my partner made me a nautical charm bracelet with anchors, a clutch with a bow pattern and a striped tunic. Thank you imaginary partner!

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    That would be cutee

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    that would be cool I wanna swap something! Although if i were to swap something you would have to put me with someone that was as bad as I am...or give me a long time to finish. I wanna swap!

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    A swap would be super fun but i think someone with more experience like cat should be the moderator (i've never done a swap before) although if there's no one else i'd do it. I'll post some stuff of mone tomorrow so everyone can see what kind of stuff i do i can do for the swap ( i've been to lazy to post).

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    I'd love to do that! It'd be all creative and lovely cause you could do anything =)

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    I would L.O.V.E love to do this I just don't have any time right now Sad

    If we had a loooooong time frame I'd opt in.

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    If we had a long time to do it I would make something to it takes me forever to make things

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    I'm sure we could agree on a time frame thats in long time like May or June as the due date but first i have to see how many people are interested.

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    I'd like to do it as long as ppl didn't mind if some of the things I made were things from the site that I would improvise.

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    Sign me up if we have a good long time frame! LOL...

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    Ooh I think I should get mine for my birthday cause that would be lovely =)

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    I'm so excited that everyone's interested in this swap, I guess i'm the swap moderator so i come up with a few guidelines, if anyone anything else to add let me know. If you intersted in joining the swap, list your 3 favorite symbols /patterns and 3 favorite colors so your partners can make you 3 items based on your preferences. Also we need an even number of people tos swap so everyone can have a partner. I think also you should have posted at least 15 times on the board OR posted at least 2 projects, just so we can make sure we have experinced crafters on board.

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    Well I'd go for a pentacle, a rose and leopard print, and scarlet, fuschia and black

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    Alexis- if I've had an odd number I've created one trio.

    It has seemed to work out fine!

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    Okay then, even or odd number of swappers is fine. Also knittin kitten what is a pentacle?

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    mine is anything kawaii(cute) ,vintage floral and alice in wonderland or disney themed.

    i don't have any particular colours but I don't want anything with lots of purple or dark blue

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    I'd go for Red, Green and Charcoal Grey

    with Kawaii, Matryoshka and British wildlife for my pattern type things.

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    I'd be interested if it was due in May June as I am so broke right now

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    Yeah, sometime after my Textiles A Level is over plz! (That finishes in may)

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    How about sometime June as our deadline, os everyone has enough time.

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    So far Shivi, Roma, knittin' Kitten, and me are the only one's who have signed up by posting our lists i'm going to make the sign up deadline In 2 weeks, Saturday March 1st and the send out deadline Saturday June 7th does that sound ok?

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    Okay, so I like swirls, celtic symbols, nature stuff like leaves

    Colours: purples, black, dark greens most colours, except bright pink and yellow

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    so that more ppl sign up, Alexis, you could post a blog 'advertising' it

    late may/june deadline sounds good to me

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    Yeah post a new thread up that calls for sign ups... People might just see this as an 'idea' and ignore it.

    Eeeeeh! Excited!