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    This should make you excited kiddo What lies inside this bag is happiness

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    oooh a bag of happiness Happy

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    Thanks for trying, but kiddo's having one of the worst days she's had in a long time. It's not because of that boy, it's just because of my depression. I haven't slept n 2 days. I'm having a really rough time right now. But I'm glad that there are people like you out there that care enough to try and cheer me up! That really means more than you'll ever know. Things will get better as soon as I can sleep, but right now I can't for some reason. Thanks for being so awesome!

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    hugs! I deal with depression everyday. I understand your feeling, I find a nice hot bath and a good book can be relaxing when you can't sleep

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    I made a hello kitty michelly today Happy its so cute!

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    Okie dokie Kiddo - first of all boys are stupid. All of them. We all know that because we've all been there. Especially a guy who gets his kicks out of cutting down your ego and making you feel like crap. What HE deserves is a good crafty kick to the twig and berries. Now then!

    Depression sucks -I've been there, I've had it and it's awful. I used to not sleep, would feel miserable, unhappy with everything - ughhhhh it was, well....depressing. And I'd get to the point where I'd just lay there, totally unmotivated and just depressed. BUT! Then I came to realize (later on) that it was due to the circumstances around my life at the time, and with that I figured out that the only person who can make you feel like crap is well.... you! So! Whenever you feel the depression bug sneaking up on you, recognize it and then distract yourself! Have a nice bubby batch, curl up with a good book, watch a movie, go for a walk, call up a good friend - tap into that inner crafty goddess. Anything to distract you - and when you really get into that other thing.... the depression goes away! And if that doesn't work, come to us because whether you're feeling crafty or not, we all love you anyway! =) ::HUGGLE!!::

    Heh. I think between you and Interstellar, I have solved my problem. Three guys - I'll ship one to her, one to you, and will take the one leftover. Now that's a new way of doing things! ^.^

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    its ok kiddo i hope you feel happy soon i get that way to music makes me happy so i listen to all my favorite bands and eat chocolate then i feel happier. But i hope you get some sleep try reading before bed and don't watch t.v before bed cause it causes problems with R.E.M. sleep wishing you sweet dreams!!!!!!

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    I believe in Kiddo, she will be okay, she is a strong woman! She just needs a good nights rest a foamy bubble bath and a good book. Happy Sugar recommended by the way! Happy

    So onto the swap guys, how is everyone's progress, I already made 3 things already...more will be made soon once i can figure out how to do this one project...i like challanging myself. ~super flex~

    Any who I am exhausted and going to crawl in bed for the night. Good night guys!

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    GUESS WHO'S BACK? I took a nap for a few hours (promise I will get a good nights sleep after this post) and I feel 200% better! I hadn't slept in 2.5 days, and that was a majority of my problem. I want to thank all of you for being so supportive and wonderful during my dark moments. This is how depressed I was: I got my 3 grab bags of kawaii goodies 2 days ago, and hadn't torn into them yet! When I awoke from my nap I knew that I was instantly feeling better because that's the first thing I did, and it was great! Sorry Patty, because I did eat all the candy, but it wasn't as delicious as the Japanese candy I've had in the past--needed that sugar high. Here comes the good part! The teaser for Patty (sorry to give away your true identity, but it's easier to type LOL)!

    One of these is a grab bag of loads of goodies for you, a bag of goodies for me to make goodies for you, and other goodies for me to make goodies for you! Goodies galore! *thinks that her other kawaii supplies could be in the mailbox right now because it didn't get checked earlier--really wanna make a late night trip to the mailbox, but will get a good nights rest instead* I love all you guys and can't express in words how much I appreciate all of you! (Even Michelle LOL--especially Michelle)! Oh, Gypsie, I'll take the British pilot. I like the accent . . . (and Sug I love you most of all--thanks for the post on my blog and facebook--made me teary, but I was pretty teary already LOL).

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    lol. hello kitty, gotta love her...

    Sug, I got paied yesterday, so yours is on its way soon.

    did you get your card yet?

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    ya i got my card i sent you a message on cok about it yesterday, i loved it...Sorry yours isnt done yet to send right now I like to have a good few weeks in so I can keep adding on Happy lol I am working on two of them now YAYAYAYA!

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    Hehehe thats awesome kiddo i'm glad you ate the candy gave you that boost japanese candy is awesmoe so here's a better teaser

    And i decided to post a pic of my birthday cake from last year (my 20th)

    I loved it my sister picked it out for me she know's me so well

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    i am bored so i wanted to play with making a logo...it looks like scary cotton candy lol

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    mmm creepy cotton candy yum

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