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    Kawaii Gallery(DONE/success)

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    I'd buy it michelle but i just ordered a hello kitty clutch i will get it next sat. now i'm broke
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    its no problem, but you have to show pics of that clutch!
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    definatley I saw it in avon and it went on super sale 60% off
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    Good Morning Everybody! And......

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    awww thats cute
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    Sug it is my desktop wallpaper too! :)
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    :) yeah
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    oi my girls were seriously sugar induced today...ahhhh the craziness!!! lol Cute pics btw
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    Princess Ai Recycled Journal If i get an etsy i will def be selling this

    Its Small But Cute
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    Oooo I have purple hair in the pic! I wish I still had real purple hair :(
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    everyone wants purple hair in real life! :)

    I saw some purple dye in a shop the other day!
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    purple is awesome
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    I would love to have purple hair! I kind of did about two years ago.... but it was like a reddish purple. It was the Loreal Color Pulse stuff that's supposed to wash out - I loved it!

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    I almost forgot - back on the subject of Kawaii - ness...... here's a couple of the eggs I did yesterday - and the cute little basket I carried around. Tee Hee! =)

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    OmG thats awesome whwere did you get the eggs
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    Heh. Well I guess they must have come from Wal-Mart or Target or something - we've had them for a year.... they came with egg dye and the little paper holders and masks - they were so cute!! The only problem was the little elastic bits holding the faces on kept trying to pop off.... but we fixed 'em! I have a bunch of eggs that I've dyed but haven't doodled on yet - I may try to do something cute with them later today - I was very much inspired by the uber kawaii painted egg that showed up today in the projects section - it was amazing! =)
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    darn the only eggs wal mart and target have here are spiderman and disney characters
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    thats awesome! Love the eggs

    Sug, I hope you get your parcel soon
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    when did you mail it out michelly? I will have to wait till after 5pm to go down street to check mail :D
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    last wed, it might take 2 or 3 weeks
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    o.o wow thats a long time, i am going to try to mail it tommorow or wedsday depending how much we have left after bills but if not it will diffently be mailed out by may 1st which is fine cause i can add more stuff lol
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    lol, its the darn customs...grrrr
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    I have had lots of different coloured hair :P

    I'm all plain at the moment (its actually the first time my bf of 3yrs has seen it as its natural colour hehe

    I'm thinking of getting it coloured again soon but first I need a hair cut. My friend was awesome and bought me 5 different colours of dye one day out of the blue because I mentioned in conversation that I felt like colouring my hair again. How nice of him :)
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    that is cool
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    omg it was so cheap to mail your huge package of kawaii to you Michelly!!! They said it will take 5-7 days to get to you so let me know once you get it! Take lots of pics cause i had an impulse buy when i went to the dollar tree to get an envelope lol!!!! And there is something in there for The Chad! lol :p
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    also Ale your special prize is on its way too, since it was only 3 bucks to mail out michelly's i was able to ship yours out the same time :D yours should be there 5-10 days :D
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    wow, thats great. grrrrr canada so expensive
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    OMG rhibi i love the hair they are awesome!
    you should so dye it again! i have tried to persuade my mum to let me have blue streaks she said no and gave me a lecture all about how i wouldnt be allowed itt at school and i would have to bleach my hair! grr

    and also you have fb sug can now tag you in the kawaii swap pic of all of us! :)