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    Kawaii Gallery(DONE/success)

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    Who loves those cute chibi characters, the adorable pouches, the ity bity food jewlery, the loveable looking plushies?

    Well I love the cute kawaii and anything anime.

    Is anyone interested in doing something like this. There are alot of options to make with this from plushies to purse/pouches, to handdrawn chibi characters of yourself or partner to making an awesome mix cd with some of the awsomeness music.


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    its a cool idea
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    OOOHHH! I'm in!
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    Tee Hee. You know I'm in my dear! :D
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    fabulous guys !! I think this one will be just awsome to do! :D
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    I love the idea but am behind in my own swap at the moment :P When would you think of doing this one?
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    i would love to join... although i dont know that much about kawaii and that! ;)

    But i have a idea of what to make!
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    i would love to join... although i dont know that much about kawaii and that! ;)

    But i have a idea of what to make!
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    I think the last day for send out will be first week of june...but ppl can send early..i.e i will be one of those early ppl too. But I will be seeing if there would be anyone interested in being a subsitute if someone can not mail in time so the person waiting on goodies dont feel left out.
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    I don't know what kawii is but i want to be in if its not too late
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    Kawaii is the japanese word for CUTE yayayayay!!!
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    Want in guys send me your mailing addresses...i give this thing a couple of days and then start passing out the cute-ness(partners) around :D
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    i am about to blow your kawaii little minds with the many possiblities for this swap...let your imagination go wild!

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    Omg its so adorable!!!! I have a million ideas now thanks sug!
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    thanks for the inspiration
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    Send me your addies if you want in, for those who gave me addies already you rock! :D
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    i would join but i'm gunna be doing my first swap in the easter one & don't wanna push my luck

    there's a fairly kawaii-y paper craft thing here -
    if you're stuck for ideas
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    you have mine right? if not I can send again...can I be your partner? you always craft the cutest stuff!!!
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    I'm like already finished i love the stuff i made its awesome
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    ya michelly i need your addy and I shall be more than willing to be your partner!! I already spoiled kiddo and interstellar..and would love to spoil you :D
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    Don't forget me! I was spoiled by the Sugar-ish-ness as well! =)
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    Well if you guys want to send out in June I would love to join this one :) Kawaii is too fun an idea to pass up :D
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    yayayaya welcome aboard Rhibi! :D
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    Heh. This is going to be so much fun! I only have about a million ideas running through my mind. GoodNESS - what to make? One of everything sounds good, yeah? =P
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    I know what you mean i have so many ideas and i'm excited 'bout what i have made
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    there are seven of us , i am looking for one super kawaii person to join and have a complete swap and then i will pass partners tommorow and for an incendtive for the one person, I will send you a custom made kawaii card for joining in...not saying i dont mind an odd swap number but I would so much love it to be even well round :D cause i am weird like that
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    come peoples!!! help us out! I am making mine now sug! did you get my email?
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    Wow no one is wanting the custome made kawaii card made by me....*cry* ...okay i guess we will offer this..if you sign up and willing to make this a successful swap then you will not only get the custom made kawaii card made by me but you will also get a small grab bag of kawaii things when I mail off my swaps stuff for my parnter....HOWS THAT? Any takers...cant beat that...:D