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    One Year Anniversary with boyfriend. Need Help!

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    My one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in two months. I want to make his gift now, so I don't have to worry about it later. I need some new creative ideas! I've already looked at the gifts on the projects already and I decided to make the Vintage Spool Valentine but I want more ideas than Box of Love for your Love and the canned compliments. Any ideas?

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    What sort of things does he like? It's kinda hard to gauge what to make for someone without knowing their interests.

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    Well I made mine some coupons, such as 'Good for one massage', 'Good for your fav dessert' and also a little movie with pics of us...

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    Here are some of the anniversary gifts I have made my boyfriend, now hubby. The last one if the most recent. Maybe these will spark some ideas. Good luck!




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    I've made lots of things for my fiance that you could use as inspiration:

    You can paint him a custom shirt! My fiance has always wanted a WoW shirt, so I made him one:


    Or you could make something cute out of felt like my Felt Something:


    Or you could make a book out of cards with 52 reasons why you love him:


    I hope this helps =]

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    I've not made/given anything for my anniversaries with my fiancé, but I made him a car friend and a squig and a giant squig (all on here)

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    My fiance and I have a winter anniversary. I've made him an earflap hat, a scarf, and a hand-stenciled band t-shirt. I made a bracelet for him once but he never wore it.

    A t-shirt of some sort is probably a good idea, since you kinda have to wear clothes to go to most public places, haha.

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    Why not a little something using your fave photos and if you've kept things like cinema tickets/ gig tickets/ train tickets from trips together use them on it too?

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    I don't normally make my boyfriend gifts but this year for Valentine's day I made him a basket full of goodies, including chocolates shaped like hearts (in a box I made out of scrapbooking paper), a 3D pop out card,


    A little gothic love robot,


    And a couple of mixed CDs (my boyfriend loves music so this was genius) I thought of all the movies we had seen together and picked songs from several of the movies to place on a soundtrack for him.


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    Sorry I didn't respond I got busy with school. In response to Monika my boyfriend likes alot of weird stuff. The bands he listens to are weird. His sense of humor is odd and I love him for it but it makes it difficult to buy him anything. Felecity your books were so cute! I want to make all of them except add different stuff to make it more like me. Happy So here is what I shall be doing. Since my friend an I have the same exact anniversary, we decided to make a 365/52 reasons why I love you! Then I am making him a T-shirt of his favorite band and I know he will love me for it! And maybe make him a card. Thank you so much! I will post how everything turns out after our anniversary!

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    An awesome first anniversary gift is dedicating a special day to him using http://mydayregistry.com/gifts/first-anniversary-gifts-for-him. It's an amazing concept and a gift he'll cherish forever!