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    How to get rid of mildew smell from car?

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    So a few days ago, I left my window in my car down while I went into a friends house, not knowing that I was going to be in there for a few hours. It starts to POUR and I completely forgot about my windows being down Happy

    Now my car smells terrible.

    I live in Florida, so when the sun comes up, it gets so hot and humid, and plus the interoir of my car is black, so it's twice as hot.

    Anyone know anyway I can get rid of this horrible smells?

    Thanks y'all for your time Happy

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    Googled and found this article: http://www.ehow.com/how_4499273_get-rid-mildew-smell-car.html

    If that doesn't have the info you need, you can try another google search. I searched "how to get rid of mildew smell in car". Good luck! Sounds awful. :x

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    Fabric bags of bicarbonate of soda might absorb the smell

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    I live in Hawaii, so my car gets some pretty funky mildew and ocean/fishy smells. Also I take my dog on long drives.

    Anyway lol, I clean out my car and vacuum everything, then sprinkle baking soda/bicarbonate of soda all over, on the seats and rub into the carpets. Then crack the windows like an inch (3cm) over night (on a night it isnt going to rain, lol) then the next day vacuum it all up!

    That usually does the trick for me for a good long while! Hope that helps you out a little bit Happy

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    mabe give it a clean inside? some nice soapy water?

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    Like Pammerz said, baking soda would probably do the trick--it absorbs every other kind of odor. Also, try parking it with the windows down in a dry place (if one exists in Florida, that is).

    If the baking soda doesn't do enough, try carpet cleaning solution.

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    I would do the baking soda first if that doesn't work try a solution of half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Spray the interior and leave windows or doors open for about 30mins, the vinegar smell will go away I promise. This works because vinegar neutralizes most odors.

    This method also eliminates cat spray smell. Happy

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    really, great to know. Getting warm outside now and all the outdoor kittys will start spraying again