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    Mad Hatter Tea Party

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    Hi everyone,

    Could I have some advice please?

    Its for decorations for a mad hatters tea party in my back garden in May.

    I've made some cake stands with paper plates and cups, some colourful butterflies, made a happy un-birthday bunting,

    I do need some more ideas for the table and the garden and would love to have some of your ideas!

    Love Aimee

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    I know thats a kids site but they have a good idea there with the chessur cakes, and tea cups >.<

    Id also say get yourself atleast one highbacked chair to go at the head of the table.

    You might also be able to make yourself some wire bread and butter flies, and rocking horse flies to attach to trees and stick in the flower beds.

    I plan on having a go at that some time soon.

    I don't think you can have too many tea cups and pots either :p

    Im sure there'll be lots of alice in wonderland projects out now, so keep your eyes pealed ;)

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    Thanks Ceeyra! I am loving the edible teacups! I finished my cake stands today, they have little flags ontop with 'Eat Me' written on them. Any more ideas of garden parties gratefully received! xxx

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    I know it is a really simple idea but perhaps having table scatters with hearts or even playing cards from the Hearts suit strewn about?

    Perhaps whip up some chair covers (I've seen this done with old curtain liners at next to no cost) with Alice in Wonderland motifs glued or sewn on in felt?

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    What would be super cool, is rocking horsefly and bread and buter flie decorations! Or rocking horse fly chairs. Now for the help, I would suggest finding alot of cheap cards you can get dirty, arange them in a circle, glue them to cardboard, still in the cirlce shape, and cover them with plactic wrap I guess, or nothing, and have card plates.

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    I found this website a week ago that has some pretty good ideas. Hope it helps


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    I posted 12 of the most helpful sites when doing an alice in wonderland party that id found in my blog today ^_^

    Hope they help!


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    You star! I'm having a mad hatter themed tea party for my Birthday in April. Me and the good friend who is helping have decided to put a big mirror frame over where my gate is (we're having it in the garden) to come through to wonderland. Technically that's from the looking glass, but we couldn't get hold of one of those crawl through tubes that kids have to make the rabit hole.

    We're making faux roses too and doing some of them half-painted then tying them into buses to make sure they're growing, and we're going to leave a tin of red paint and a brush with some on about too, you know, to look like they have been painted.

    We're in the process of creating a design for a half disappeared Cheshire Cat to go up one of the trees in the Garden and we're also going to put signs that say "this way", "that way", "other way" about too. Other than that there's going to be a card croquet set and a big table (obviously) for the tea party. If I get chance I might make some giant flowers too to put in the garden and a big mushroom. But that of course depends on whether I can be bothered! Oh we're also decorating the garden with giant cards too.

    As far as the table goes I'm going to make some bread and butter flies, and have a few very large teapots that I am begging and borrowing from various people, one is going to have a doormouse too. Mis-matched chairs is a good one, though I don't know if I can stretch to this really, though maybe I can. Who knows eh? I'm going to make some cake stands too, and then do a large topsy-turvy cake. I'm also thinking of making some paper lanterns and having candles about, but that really depends.

    I hope that was helpful and I'm hoping to god it doesn't rain on the party day! Also that we manage to get all this finished in time! I've got to make a costume too!

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    Y'all are so creative!! I love all these ideas, I wish I wasn't living with in-laws right now, I'd have one for April Fool's day.

    My addition to all these fabulous ideas is :

    *get (or make) a bunch of funky hats from thrift stores, everyone can wear one, and take it home at the end.

    -or even have scrap craft items available for everyone to make their own personal crazy hat.

    *borrow or buy(thrift stores only!) several mismatched teacups and saucers to go with all the different tea pots. I would stack them helter-skelter all over the tables.

    *borrow some card tables from family/friends, and line them up together sort of crookedy.

    *for tablecloths, since Hatter is a...hatter...toss largish scraps of fabric, any kind/color, all along the tables, and maybe even pop some headpins in them to 'keep them together', as if you planned on sewing them later....that may just be my own madness talking, but I think that would be cool.

    TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!!! We want to see the end results!

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    These are all fabulous ideas and I can't wait to try them out, I need to think of more decorating the garden type stuff, but thats ok! I have more than enough to get started on! Going to see the Alice In Wonderland film this weekend hopefully, so will get some darker ideas from there! I hope to have it on May 22, hopefully the weather would have perked up by then! Thanks again ! xx

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    Im getting myself a few of these tea cup planters, but they're a little pricey, and they're only realy worth it if you plan to use them afterwards.


    Im also going to try and get myself a round birdcage to make into him ^_^

    <img src="http://www.vegalleries.com/dis-opc/0115alice03.jpg">

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    You guys are so creative....Happy

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    I'm loving the bird cage idea, may have to get some lolly pop sticks and give it a go, I've just stuck paperclips onto paper butterflies to attach to my garden fence....

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    That is a great idea! i so want to that for my bday in april. You should see if you cold make a couple giant mushrooms to use as decorations or even chairs. Giant btterflies on the fence would be cool too. Also rainbow cupcakes for those stands. there is a good resipe that can used for store bought too on this site. I think alot of hats and anything oversized and rainbow will do. good luck with your party and post lots of pictures to give everyone good ideas!

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    One of my old clubs did a Mad Hatter theme one time and the hostess printed out quotes from the books, cut them into strips and scattered them on the table. It was fun to pick them up and read little bits of the story. Happy