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    i love and am always wearing a band shirt or something with a cool/ funny print on the front

    my problem is- MY BOOBS GREW! so now all my shirts are too short -

    #1 i have no money to buy new clothes

    #2 i want to keep the shirts

    #3 i want to giv recon a go!

    one idea i had was to remove the sleeves,cut the shirt right across the chest above the print and make straps from the sleeves long enough so my shirt is of the length i want (not showing my stomach)

    also i thought to add fabric to lengthen the shirt but i thought it would look weird. and obvious.

    i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what they did to solve it.

    let me know.

    xox rach

    p.s. does anyone know when the craft comp winners are being announced, im on the edge of my seat!

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    The results of the craft competitions usually take a couple of weeks so don't fall off your chair ;)

    I have the same problem: most t-shirts are too short and I don't want to show belly either. What I usually do is take two shirts that match nicely. From one I cut off the bottom, a band of approximately 10 cm. And then I sew that band on the bottom of the other shirt so it looks like you're wearing one shirt on top of the other.

    Or, alternatively, cut off the bottom of a t-shirt, cut a band of fabric and sew that on the top of your shirt and sew the bottom piece on again.

    Or.... Cut off the shirt just below your boobs. Trace the cut off piece on a piece of other fabric and add extra length. Sew the fabric on the top of the shirt.

    Hope I wrote it in an understandable way. Good luck!

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    couple of weeks!? damn, im itching to see if i won,, did you enter anything Marieke?

    thanks for the tips, i like your first suggestion, im not sure about the one where i cut the shirt under my boobs cuz ill cut through the images, i literally dont have a single shirt that doesnt have a picture on the front, lol. but thankyou, and yes i understood Tongue

    anyone else??

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    But maybe cutting throught the images and adding a different one could be kinda cool.

    I entered 3 things to the contest but I saw so many great things that I'm not expecting to win anything. Did you?

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    I hate short shirts too.The simple thing that i do is,that I take a shirt without sleeves,you know the ones that have the T letter on the back(I dont know how you call it) and then I just wear the shorter one on it.It looks great.So its like your wearing a longer strapped shirt under your short shirt.

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    You could always cut off the sleeves, stitch it up (kinda like a boob tube) and add some cute material to cover you chest, so it looks like you are wearing layers? You could add strappy straps or not if you wanted... I probably am not making much sense, so I will show you either how-to's or creations with pictures demonstrating what I mean.


    Something similar to this, but you could make straps from the material from the band shirt and sew it onto the band shirt? Or like, in this creation, I might have pulled the band top down abit to see abit more green shirt... if you get what I mean?

    I hope I've made some sense, if not then just ignore this post lol

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    layers seems to be the solution here, im working on something right now, hopefully it works. ill post it if it comes out well.

    thanks everyone for helping me out

    Marieke: i entered 3 things too, i think i might have a chance with 2 of the things.

    BecStar: i like the idea you gave me the link for, might try that.



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    hazaa!!! i did it, i made a shirt into a singlet of normal length. wil post project, stupid me didnt take a before photo cuz i ddnt think it would actually work, but it did and im really happy with it, wore it to work today actually.

    yay! now to do everyother shirt in my closet :S

    x rach

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    hazaa!!! i did it, i made a shirt into a singlet of normal length. wil post project, stupid me didnt take a before photo cuz i ddnt think it would actually work, but it did and im really happy with it, wore it to work today actually.

    yay! now to do everyother shirt in my closet :S

    x rach

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    I usely wear a longer tank under if I can find one, but I like these ideas

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    i like the longer shirt underneath but that means buing motr clothes PLUS its summer in asutralia atm and its way to hot to even be wearing 1 layer of clothing haha

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    Yaaaaaaay... go you, I'd love to see it.

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    i posted it as a project on my page. tell me what you think.


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    OMG I saw your project ages ago and didn't even realise (DUH!!) I love that project it is a-may-zing!!

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    today is my last day of work then im on xmas holidays, 11 paid days off! wohoo!

    plan of attack... do as many shirts as i can! hopefully they wont take as long as the first cuz i know what im doing now. and ill make sure to take BEFORE photos to show and ill add it to my project.

    also! my news yrs resolution is to learn pattern making and to do harder stuff. i think i can do some pretty tricky things but i want to make a corset with ribbing etc... i think that will be an awesome challenge.

    enough of my blabbing on cuz its 5:30 in the morning and i should get ready for work



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    Corset with ribbing? Awsome, I did one for Tafe, I still have, it will look awesome.

    Patternmaking, once you get the hang of it, you can basics make anything

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    WOW, i might actually try that, ill have to buy a pattern until i learn how to make patterns myself but ill definatly post it if all goes well.... do you think it matters what the fabric is?

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    It doesn't matter what fabric you it made out of, even leather or laces fabric, stretch fabric is abit difficult to handle at first but if you can handle it, go for it. But I suggest doing it in sometime you be able to handle first, because you might want to change things that you might not like, then do the real thing in the fabric you like

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    great, thanks for the tip Happy


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    great, thanks for the tip Happy


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    went looking for a good corset pattern today.. epic fail. came home with a pattern to make retro style aprons and little foam cat houses lol...


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    If you're into it, a ruffle at the bottom could be super cute. You could use any lightweight material and just make it double the width of your t-shirt, gather, and sew. It would be very feminine but probably fairly awesome.

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    do you have a pic or a link to something similar so i cold sort of visualise wat u mean? sounds cool tho . thanks Happy


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    You should try stretching your tshirts! I learned this trick from my boyfriend as he is very tall and all tshirts are too short on him, and now I use it whenever I accidently shrink something!

    First, wash your shirt on cold. After you have taken it out of the washing machine, grab the top in one hand and the bottom in the other and twist the shirt evenly in opposite directions. Twist enough so that the tshirt is in a long,solid twist but not super tight. Now gently but with some pressure press your knee into the twisted shirt while holding it. If you have a logo on the top of the Tee I would recommend only pressing the bottom half of the shirt as it may break apart the print although it can make for a vintage looking tshirt.After a bit of strecthing, hang your garment to dry! I have found this a very effective way of dealing with t-shirts that have shrunk although I recommend only using this trick on cotton as this may warp other types of fabric!

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    your band tshirts could be made in to boob tubes, cut off the sleves and the shoulders make a casing and insert elastic or t-shirt scrap strips or ribbons. to hold the top up!. same technique but use as a skirt 2 in 1Happy

    also if your thinking of adding material to the bottom of the shirt it makes sence to add material to the sleves make it look more off a proffesional finish and dosen't look like its just been stuck there.

    how about a different use to your t-shirt completely check out 2 books called Generation T or Generation T - Beyond Fashion by Magan Nicolay 2 great books on t-shirt recons but can be reconed for you, family, freinds (for all ages) houses' and cars.

    If your for sure about t-shirt recons you wont be dispointedHappy

    hope it helpsHappy x x

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    I just recently got into cutting up my tees, and I noticed what when I cut up the black and cut the collar off, it seemed to add length to it.

    This is what I'm talkin' about: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41-4WbXGV4L._AA280_.jpg

    Mine doesn't look like that, but I don't know any other way to really describe it o^_^o

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    You could make a cut off shirt and wear a normal one under?

    LIKE- http://illtalkyouwritethisdown.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/to/

    Croptop, belly shirt, ECT.

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    crop top! Or you could even make "shred" parts of the shirt. Shredding it will make the shirt bigger

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    I would turn them into crop shirts (a little baggy) and wear a white tank top underneath. You could even cut te shoulders so they lay crooked- it would look very 80's!

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    I had this exact problem myself once. I got some of those longer hanging fringes (you can even make these yourself)and lengthened the shirt with another one of the same color, then layered on the leather type of fringing from just below the breastline. Doing this creates a pretty rippling effect when the shirt is worn. Or you can cut wide strips from the shirts you are less fond of and make layered ruffles for as long as you want the shirt to go. If you want to add interest to it, spiral one long ruffle around a lengthened shirt in a diagonal manner and taper it at the end of the strip to make an even hem. Of course, it is best to gather and then surge the gathers in place on stretchy fabric and make a second surge or zig-zag stitch to attach the ruffles to the shirt for move-ability.

    I hope this all made sense.