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    Coraline Birthday party Ideas

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    Hiya! Emma's 3rd bday is in november and i am planing ahead of time to see if certain themes will work. The one theme that seems to be stuck is Coraline. We love that movie and I think it is perfect for Emma. So I need ideas what colors, party favors, decorations, food, gift bags ect ect. Thanks so much everyone. I know for a cake I can take an image to the bakery here and they can print it out on that yummy paper stuff to put on the cake.

    Thanks everyone!

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    What about 'pin the button eyes on the other mother'?

    Or hanging streamers in a spiderweb pattern?

    I know you have the cake planned out, but this is really cute as-well and seems fairly easy!


    Good luck! (:

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    spider webs and the streamer thing sounds awesome!! and i booked marked the cake...looks easy enough to make myself...Happy

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    I have another idea for you, lol. (My nieces are 3 and 4 so we watch this movie A LOT.)

    For party favors, you could buy some colorful bobby-pins or snap clips and glue/sew colorful buttons to them.


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    My niece is turning 11 and I made her invitations for her Coraline Theme Birthday Party. I'm going to buy black or purple cups and make Coraline labels to put on them. Just some other suggestions.

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    You could make skeleton key shaped invites. for favors you could get those round shaped google eye glasses and replace the google eye part, its usually cardboard in the cheaper ones, with cardboard made to look like buttons.

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    how about paper plates made to look like buttons

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    I wish I had seen the movie.

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    I ALWAYS LOVED THE CAT IN THAT MOVIE SO MAYBE SOME WUSS PUSS FAVORS AS WELL and do you remember the sweater with the stars on it that would make a cool gift maybe seeds for your own garden as party favors.did you know a woman hand knitted all the tiny clothes for the clay figures in that movie talk about crafty

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    Hmm, button projects for the kids to do, button glasses, maybe you could give out the little eyepiece thing, the triangle one with the hole, as a favor, and if you're good at knitting, you can make the striped gloves as favors? to think up some more:

    Button cookies, by baking normal round cookies and poking four holes in them with a thick straw.

    Or, if you can make the cookie cutters, you could make eyepiece cookies

    Marbles as party favors

    A "private screening" of the movie always works well with movie-themed parties =)

    You could use a photo-editing software to make print-out invites

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    Toy A Day has a Coraline paper craft. It's pretty cute.


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    if you are good with photoshop and you have a digital camera you could get a picture of the Coraline movie house like this:


    and then have each kid stand infront of a plain white wall or backdrop. You can make 2 painted carboard buttons before-hand and place the buttons over their eyes and take a picture. Then all you have to do is pop those pics into photoshop and delete the white background (which will be easy because it's all white) and place the photo of each kid over the image in the link I posted above and print or email to their parents. It will look like they're in the movie and the kids will be able to look at the picture later. OR if you can paint you can always get a bristol board and paint or draw a coraline inspired background and take a picture of each kid with the buttons in front of it. That way you don't have to photoshop.


    You can have all these carboard circles cut out with four holes in it like buttons and have the kids all colour their own set.

    I really like the idea of making that triangle thing from the movie as party favours too.

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    The seeing stone would be great, i agree, and if you make the inside form out of tin foil land cover that with clay it would be very cost effective.

    For more decorations, you could make huge cardboard buttons to hang from the ceiling or something akin.

    Lots of colorful paper flowers modeled after the ones from the movie would be great as decorations or as a craft for the children Happy

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    You could take some colorfull treats or fake flowers and such and arange them to look like the "Fathers" garden.

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    Lo's idea is awesome, as are all the others!

    Here's mine: Depending on how many children you invite, let them make ragdolls of themselves! When I make ragdolls, I almost always use scrap fabrics, or old clothes, but if you need to you can get some muslin or something, as the base fabric. To save on money and time, they could glue fabric on to the dolls for clothes, or paint it on. I wouldn't try this if you're inviting 10 or so kids, but if it's just a handful, have a mom-friend help you make the plain doll-bases. Of course, provide lots of buttons so they can sew(or glue) on the eyes! You could get a bunch of those cheap little plastic tapestry needles,