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    Plastic Bread Bag Clip Challenge

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    Do you collect bread bag clips? I do too, I have a whole bunch of them now and I think it's time they found a purpose.

    My craft challange is to see who can make the most intresting thing out of plastic bread clips.

    I will choose a winner by November 30th 2010 and send out a little prize to them.

    Everyone is welcome to join!

    I can't wait to see what you guys come up with :) Good luck!

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    Arg! I new there was a reason I should have saved all those! Boo...

    I'm the only bread eater, so I don't get many clips anyways. :( I can't wait to see what people come up with though! This is such a cool idea!
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    We don't have those any more. U.K. bread is sealed with bag tape.
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    you might be able to make a necklace or a bag.. OOOOOH YOU CAN USE THEM TO DECORATE FRAMES LIKE PICTURE FRAMES
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    wow you have a lot of plastic bag clips, wow. don't eat much bread,
    so there never is any to save.
    cant wait to see what others come up with.
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    Oh darn, looks like I underestimated the amount of people that collect these things. Maybe it's just my crazy faimly that feel the need to save these hahahah. I just can't seem to throw them away! If anything else they are really good for reusing as bag clips. LOL

    @PJ - I just pulled that image off of the internet, I only have about a sandwich baggie full :) We go through about a loaf a week at our house, my kid is addicted to peanut butter/bananna sandwiches.

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    I'd love to do this, but our bread here is tied with twisty ties. Awesome idea though!
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    Thanks Magic Sprinkles!
    If you have an idea of something you can make with these, let me know how many you need, I can send you some :)
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    What an awesome idea for a craft challenge Kitty! :) can't wait to see what everyone comes up with
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    Thanks Zina, but it dosen't look like I have any participants yet :(
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    Just like Magic Sprinkles, here the bread comes with twisty ties... :(
    Wish I could think of something to do with those!
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    in primary school, my teacher collected those for some strange reason. it may have been so we could practise our counting skills or something, but i remember one day i saw a spider crawl out from underneath a pile of the little bread tags.
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    I've so far only been able to collect a few! I have no idea what I could make? when I was a kid I used to cut them into guitar pic shapes for my toy guitar lol
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    I know, Im kind of stuck on what to make too. I always keep one by my kitchen sink, they are great for scraping off gunk from your dishes.
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    My mother-in-law has a butter tub (1lb size) full of these!
    Hmmmm... what can I do with them?
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    maybe a bracelet? or earrings!

    fancy little nick-nacks like this?
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    nice find Jolanda!