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    What could I make and sell in school?

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    i'm going to China in October and I asked before about how to make some money - thanks again for all your suggestions!

    I would really like to make and sell some stuff around school though, so if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them! Please have a look at my projects and tell me what you think I could sell to people aged 11-16? i'm open to any suggestions really!

    I'm going to sell cakes at parent's evening aswell but if you've got any Chinese baking I'd be up for trying it!

    Anything with a chinese theme would be good but it doesn't have to have one!

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    I would suggest you not sell stuff in school until you've checked your student hand book as well as speak with an administrator at your school before you do. Most schools have policies against selling stuff inside school unless it is for a school activity (i.e. band needs new uniforms).

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    I was just going to say that. check it out first

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    There's a teacher who's incharge of us making money for China so it's all allowed and everything Happy

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    What kind of items are you making?

    Are you baking? making plushies? jewellry? accessories? clothes?

    I think your magazine necklace would be good, it looks fairly quick and simple to make, doesn't need too many resources and I imagine a hit with teen girls.

    The guitar hero tee's would be good for the boys too....

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    @Lolly.Bot I'm up for making just about anything really! Well, anything I can make a few of, I don't know if I will just yet, I was just thinking of something to mention to my teacher when we next have a meeting.

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    When i was in elementary school i used to hustle up ice cream money by making unique friendship bracelets. you could do that and add beads (plastic/glass) to spice them up. there are a million web sites that show you how to incorporate different shapes, even names into bracelets. how about cell phone jewelry? both ideas would be fairly easy and quick to make (you could take orders! which colors and embellishments do they want? for a nominal fee of course!)and the suppplies are pretty cheap. nothing wal mart or your local sewing/arts and crafts store wouldnt have. and when i was in middle/high school we used to make locker mailboxes. you attach a little plastic shelf right under the slit in your locker with a magnet and your friends slip notes into the slit from the outside and voila! you have mail. of course that was before cell phones and texting, but it still could be cute! once again you could craft the boxes up and make them unique. Good luck!

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    Well, a few of my friends have sold things at school, and it seems like the really big thing (at least for my school) is food. More like desserts, really.

    One of my friends, every Thursday and Friend, brings these cakes and sells them for 2 dollars and makes quite a bit of cash off of them. The cake pans are a faily good size (much bigger then the large cupcake pans, but I don't know the measurements), and she brings forks and whatnot.

    Another one of my friends raise a couple thousand from selling large chocolate covered pretzle sticks for five dollars a bag. They were the really long, thick sticks and she did white or dark chocolate and covered them with sprinkles and put them in cellophane candy bags with little twistie ties.

    Hm...If I can think of anything else that people sell at my school (maybe to spark any idea for ya ^_^), I'll let you know.

    Good luck with all this Happy

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    I'm getting a good start off with novelt hats. I made a character out from a popular tv show into a hat and now I have 5 orders for others. Maybe that'd work out for you also

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    Thanks guys! I'm making and selling fairy cakes tomorrow at parent's evening, so if they sell well I think we'll do that again, and maybe move onto other buns/cakes & savoury things like pizza slices & sausage rolls? What do you think?

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    Why not try cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc? A guy in my school sells the most delicious brownies at break, I'm pretty sure he makes a lot of money. He sells them for really cheap as well so people buy more and recommend him

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    The term "fairy cakes" makes me so happy!!!!♥♥♥

    Oh! Happy

    The whole parents evening thing reminded me of something:

    If you like baking (or cooking :3 It seems you might enjoy cooking from what you've suggested? ^_^), why not try a desert tasting party?

    Like, you make these little treats and people pay a small bit of money to get in and they try the treats and if they like it, they order a full size/serving of it.

    But I think your idea sounds good Happy

    Everyone loves food Tongue

    Much luck with your selling!

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    when you go to china, you can buy loads of cute stationary, accessories and jewellery really cheap, so you could sell that afterwards, but for now a cake sale would be good.

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    There was a guy at a High School that I went to who bought really big party size bags of candy and he'd sell individually wrapped candy at school. Of course he wasn't supposed to but nobody ever ratted him out. I was a regular, he sold every candy for $1.50 and because I bought from him so much he only sold it for a dollar to me. I love Reeses Cups! But basically, kids love sugar. Just love it. So I think anything with sugar will do just fine ;)

    I would so have bought some chocolate dipped pretzels though!

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    sell candy Happy