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    new soap company name-help please

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    I need some help coming up with a name brand for my new endevour. A soap company, creating hand made soaps

    I will be using natural products

    like honey, herbal teas, tea tree oil, shea butter, coffee, lemon and will be selling it in my kisok this summer

    my company is called MeiMei

    and my soap name ideas are

    Body Buffer Bar- a gentle exfoliating bar with honey,brown sugar, coffee and olive oil

    zen- green tea, tea tree oil, lemon

    deep cleansing- honey, lemon, sea salt


    so name for the brand...

    here are my ideas

    Pure: ex Pure Love(Deep Cleansing), Pure Rain(Zen), Pure joy(budy buffer)

    Squeaky clean


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    I will ponder on this for a bit, and I will get back to you...
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    How about a play on words? Mei in place of my for eg: Mei how clean, Mei how pure, Mei how soft etc.
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    kinda makes me think Meh, Mei>Meh...

    :S hmmmmm

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    Oh, I assumed you pronounced it my - my bad=)
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    it oh tay
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    I dont have ideas for the name,but check out this tutorial,its awesome!
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    are you pronouncing it "ME" ?

    if that's the case:
    "Mei so squeaky clean"- deep cleaner
    "mei so zen"
    "Mei so tea"-
    "Mei so pure"

    well you get the idea, just ideas, if you dont pronounce it that way well...umm i'll think of something!


    "Me so happy we have the same b-day" LOL
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    hm, well i like the squeaky clean idea...
    if anything comes to me, i'll let you know :)
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    playing off of some of your suggestions,
    how does pure cleanliness sound?
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    Sounds like a daft question but whats your dogs name? I use my cats' nickname for my shop. I think creating a shop name is hard but I like knowing that it has some personal significance.

    Another tip I have been told before is to gather together all the things you can think off that are meaningful to you and the brand you are selling. When you have them all in front of you it might get your creative side working. You just write down everything that comes into your head, good or bad, and then sift through them.

    How is Mei said? I'm assuming its said 'me'. If it is then that opens up lots of possibilities. I'll have to have a think on this and come back to . Soaps sounds like a really good idea for expanding your range though so good luck with them.
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    its pronouced May May

    how about simply soap?

    but I do like pure

    I have some packaging ideas
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    oh well that's not how i tought it was pronounced! I like Arty's idea:

    Miss Clara Moo's Body Buffer Bar
    Miss Clara Moo's Tea Time
    Miss Clara Moo's Deep Cleansing

    you can alway turn a picture of her into a sketch (photoshop) and put it on the package!

    good thinking Arty!
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    I like Miss Clara Moo's (=
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    Lol :) Simply soap may sound a bit like Simple Soap which is an existing product. I'm not sure how copywrite laws work but I would have a good scan around the internet to check that anything you go with isn't already out there and owned by some big brand. One of our friends posted something on his site as an idea for his band and got some legalease email from someone claiming to be that artist. He was only posting it for a laugh but companies/artists can take things very seriously even if you've never heard of them. Also it would be crap if you spend loads of time and money designing a logo and marketing your product only to find you can't use that name.
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    Yeah I thought that too.

    Moo is cute thought

    I may go with Mai a play on Mei Mei
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    wait, even better

    a mei

    formal for a little sister

    and since it will go under meimei, it works
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    What about Miss Clara Meis' Bath and Beauty Products
  19. Posted
    Elegant Suds
    Bath Heaven
    Be Good to Your Skin
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    What if you named them for the months? And instead of May, you could use Mei. Mei would be your signature soap, the one with the "secret" recipe and such!
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    coming clean
  22. Posted
    Pure Suds?