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    For the limbs and other skinny parts, I use the end of a sharpie and push the stuffing in with it to make sure I get enough stuffing in. If it's a complex plushie (like a giraffe I made once) where it's hard to get to certain spots when you sew it up most of the way, then I stuff it as I sew.

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    Monika, I'm not sure what to say if I don't see a comparison of your results. As for stuffing, what I do is pull apart the polyfil a little so they're not so clumped together (this may cause the stuffing uneven.)

    Stuffing patiently bit by bit suits me best. I normally stuff limbs or features that sticks out first (when its gathered with parts that are not totally separated and have connecting holes) and from time to time I poke them with tweezers to make it even more even. Hope that helps. If not feel free to ask ;)

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    Thanks Monika! I really appreciate your help!

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    It is probably made from a rayon knit, which is a synthetic fabric made from chemically-treated bamboo. You could use any cotton jersey knit, but I imagine something with 4-way stretch would be the best.

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    Hi everybody! I'm about to start a new project and I'm having a lot of difficulty choosing a fabric to use. I'm creating a dress similar to the black Giorgio Armani dress from The Ugly Truth (follow the link below for a picture). Any suggestions on what type of fabric its made of or an alternative fabric that will create a similar result?

    Picture: http://www.bestcelebritydresses.com/katherine-heigl-in-the-ugly-truth-black-knee-length-party-dress-bcd2322.html

    If you want to see how the fabric moves, go in about 20 seconds : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRUYsVDWhM0

    Thanks in advance for all your help! Happy

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    :o Try flat rate shipping, it's not so expensive!

    And my problem isn't pattern or fabric, it's mostly that I seem to be horrible at stuffing things enough. lol That or I tend to sew a lot faster than I should... I don't know for sure.

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    You're not alone. one time I made a horse for my 4 year old cosine, and it was perfect. Later on I made one just for fun, and it turned out looking like a anorexic goblin Tongue

    I guess it depends on the material and the pattern you use. I guess my second horse failed, because I used a thicker yarn, and less sturdy fabric. I think it also depends on the level of difficulty

    P.S: Working on your last item I think you're going to like it Happy. Now I just got to scrounge up $20 bucks to ship it.

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    For those of you who make plushies or small stuffed dolls, how do you get them to turn out nicely?

    I have made a couple plushies that I have been happy with, but I can't seem to get good results consistently.

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    I wanted to make a Krampus costume, but I also use smaller amounts for hair for my Blockhead plush characters. I found a seller on etsy whose prices aren't terribly high and who has a really great selection, so for the smaller projects I think I'm set. (She charges $7 for 1/3 yard and $11 for 1/2 yard solid colors, and only slightly more for the fancier styles with colored "spikes" and bubbles and patterns.) It's still more than I can afford for a full-body costume like Krampus, but it looks like that's about as good as it gets.

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    what are you planning on using it for??

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    For christmas I recieved this book. You should be able to use one of the three patterns inside this book.


    For the sleeves I would suggest using the legs of the jeans and trimming from the inside. use lots of pins and measure twice.

    I have faith in you


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    After years of thinking they were too intimidating to touch, I finally caved and got a serger. I really want to practice with all of the different stitches and things to get myself used to my machine, but I'm not really sure if there's anything more fun I can do with scrap fabric than just sewing samples? I don't want to start on good fabric until I'm a little more comfortable, but I have a fair amount of fleece and linens I can play with for the moment.

    Is there any kind of easy project that would help me learn each of the different stitches and functions (or a book you learned with that you would recommend)? I've been using a basic machine for about 4 1/2 years now so I'm pretty comfortable with machines in general, just not sergers. I'm in school for fashion design now, so I can always stay after class for extra help with the school machines, but I'd really like to learn my own machine better as well. It's a Brother 1034D if that helps.

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    Cosmic space owl from Adventure time

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    Thanks ladies. I just signed up for their emails, so maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have it on sale soon.

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    well your best option so far might be fabric. com indeed, because I've found some other shops even in etsy but the shipping is ridiculous...