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    I've been wanting to make a quilt but i was afraid it would be too heavy with this fabric :/
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    Depending on the texture you could use some of it to make a blanket or quilt...
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    i don't really have anything to upholster but i'll keep my eye out for something at the thrift store. Pillows would be good but then you have to buy stuffing. I am planning to make a skirt with one of the plaid fabrics.
    Thanks for the ideas Monkia Gottindottir.

    Does anyone else have ideas for these types of fabric?
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    You could make throw pillows or reupholster some furniture. Anything for the home could make a nice project. Maybe winter clothes could work, too.
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    I just got some free fabric from my great aunt. They are vintage and heavyweight. There are really thick fabrics some are patterned and some are solid colors. They also have a variety of textures.
    I have no idea what to do with these! Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I really don't recommend the McCall's peplum pattern-if it's the same one I bought, the sizes of the shirt don't correspond with the fit. It was far too big in the bodice, and not in an easily salvageable way. I wasted hours and a nice piece of fabric on that pattern :( However, there are many drafting tutorials for bodices and pencil skirts, and peplums can be anything from a gathered piece of fabric to a very short circle skirt :) Hope this was helpful!
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    If it's just for the ends of ribbon or something, I've previously used clear nail polish.
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    I'm new to the site and am kind of confused with how I'd go about searching for this kind of tutorial on here, so I'm sorry if there's one for this kind of project that is in a very obvious spot! I was probably too dull too figure out how to get to it.
    So, I'm new to sewing, but I do have someone in my house who can help me if I get in over my head in this project. Oh, and bear with me- I'm terrible at describing what I'm looking for.
    So. I saw a picture on a website of a fabric wrist cuff. It wasn't a thin-ish bracelet, because it covered a few inches of their wrist, kind of like half an armwarmer. It was very intricate and lace-y- it basically seemed like they started out by making a plain white wrist cuff and then added layers of lace, appliques, little charms, etc. I have essentially all the supplies I believe I'd need, and I'd (much) prefer to hand sew this wrist cuff. Have any of you seen tutorials, maybe not just on this site but anywhere, of this kind of piece? Even if it just teaches me how to make a basic wrist cuff like that and I add the layers of lace and stuff, that'd be okay too.
    Thank you, and I'm really sorry for my bad description- I can specify if need be. The reason I didn't add the picture I spoke of is because I can't seem to find it anymore, but I remember it fairly vividly.
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    I would wear them I think that 30ties would make a fashion statement.=)
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    I think it's like one of those fabric like the tent fabrics and swimming costumes?
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    I think I'm going to go with Krista's concept of the tea party dress, but make a pullover sheath dress with a lace panel in the front :3
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    I have used Fray Check and it works better than anything else if you're using it on garments, but that's about its only good application.
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    I don't generally use it- I have it, but the only thing I ever would use it on was ribbons, and I found burning the ends of my ribbons far neater.
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    Hi Cut out and keepers,
    I'm not keen to shell out $14 for a bottle of "Fray Block" - a sloppy clear glue that you apply to stop fraying. I normally use PVA glue or clear nailpolish.
    Are there benefits to Fray block that I'm missing out on?
    Thanks for any answers!
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    I have some black satin I've been wanting to make a corset with, you've just reminded me ;)
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    yay!!! Everyone needs a tea party dress!!!
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    I like kristas idea I would go with it!
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    Oooh. A dress like that just might work! I have some black lace and purple fabric I could use as well!

    I think I have enough ideas now to work up a few sketches and go from there :D
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    Underwear, pajamas, pillowcases. If you say satin, I say bedroom. I'm a bit afraid that black satin dresses look like sleepwear. You can also use it as lining. And that Tea Party Dress is awesome!
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    MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Do a Black period dress like the Tea Party Dress I made!! A Gothic 1700's time period dress would be so hot!!!
    mine took 7 yards of gold satin.....
    I'm down with sexy satin goth dress, corset and maybe a top..... don't forget lace someplace! I'll send you some if I have too! lol
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    Pillow cases for your bed. Satin and silk are slippery and some in the skin care business say it helps to prevent wrinkles. You seem to have lots, what the heck. Also decorative pillows, curtains,
    lining or under layer for clothes (fab with a lace skirt or shirt), accent or trim would be great on any clothing or decor (pocket accent, trimming edges, collar, cuffs, layering with other fabrics). please post whatever you come up with.

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    When I saw the title I immediately thought picnic blanket! But its obvisously not big enough for that. How about a lunch bag? Or a shopping bag. Or you could use it to make waterproof gadget cases.
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    Could you post a picture? Depending on the color, it might make neat patches for clothing, or you could make appliques from it. Since it is waterproof though, you could use it to make cloth pads/panty liners.
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    ok so i was in remnant kings a couple of weeks ago and found some waterproof material (no idea what its called but its the kind of stuff fishermans coats are made of?). it was in the bargain bin and it's just a bit bigger than a fat quarter.

    at first i thought about making a wash bag out of it, but i have a few of those already that are really cute.

    so does anyone have any ideas i could try out. i thought about making a waterproof hat from it, but i'd probably look insane wearing it haha.
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    yea, i'm from scotland to jacqueline and there is a remnant kings in glasgow near me.
    i'll have to check that out! i was in there last weekend but didn't see any then!
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    I like tops / blouses in satin although I have yet to make any although have modified some. I have made a number of belts and like the mix of satin and lace. Satin would be good for historical costume but obviously that is not really day to day. I think it works well in large areas with highlights / decoration in metallic threads (embroidery) etc.

    I will be interested in other responses here as I love satin
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    So, I have about 2 yards of black satin at my apartment, and my mom is sending me about 3 or 4 more yards (maybe more).

    I don't really ever work with plain fabrics, so I am a bit stumped as to what I should make.

    I like dresses and skirts, but don't know what styles would look good in satin since it's pretty shiny.

    Any suggestions? I am going to have more satin than I'll know what to do with, and I would like to make clothes out of it.
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    Hi, Do you have a 'Remnant Kings' where you live? I'm not sure if it' just a Scottish chain. They have 12" squares of felt in a really big range of colours. 70p each. I've just checked and they do have a website with the felt on it.
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    This is the first dress i made with my sewing machine ^_^

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    I really like that talk to the trees dress! My local sewing shop sells really cheap polycotton that would be perfect for this, and I always have a ton of old vests hanging around.

    I like this maxi dress it looks pretty simple and you could use a pre-dyed fabric rather than dying in yourself.