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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    The (real) L Word

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    Hehe yeah i can understand that would be a bit awkward :p that's pretty cool btw i had no idea about the references. I'm bi but i've never actually hit on a girl i just know i'm bi (pan really (: ). And yes i wish there were more as well!
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    * Eddie Izzard *

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    Lol i know it's bad.. but we can't defy human nature now can we?? ^^ Hehe :p Have you seen him live?
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    Fave Comedians

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    Aaah yes Black Books is hilarious :D !! Love Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey! I don't know Ross Noble and Jimoen, i'll look them up. I also reeally love Steve Coogan and his comedy programme's Alan Partridge and Saxonville (:
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    Entertainment » Music

    Your favorite Christmas song

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    Aah i like the Vandals and Twisted Sisters ones (:.

    I also like these *heheh* :P :

    - CKY: The 12 Days Of Christmas

    - CKY: Shitty Christmas
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    Entertainment » Music

    What are you listening to?

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    - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel : Hideaway <3

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    Social » Chit Chat

    Introductions Thread - New to the site? Come say hello!

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    I've become a member about two weeks ago before seeing this page ^^ hehe. But yeah.. ELLEUH! Hehe.
    Great website! I love DIY/revamping/eco and quirky/retro/unique things :D!
    Oh btw i'm vegan incase anyone was looking for another vegan! ^^
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    Craft » General

    i cant edit my about me!!!

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    Yeah i have the same problem.
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    The (real) L Word

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    Any fans of The L Word (US), The Real L Word (US) or Lip Service (UK)? (:

    If you're ever bored and want to watch a good lesbian/gay/bi series, watch them!
    Also feel free to mention any related series!
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    US or UK?

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    Skins: UK
    The Office: Both
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    Fave Comedians

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    Stand-Up or Otherwise!

    Until recently i didn't really care much for comedians, but having recently gone through a depression i have been searching for things to make me laugh and truly, laughter and comedy is life saving stuff!! Just like music or any other form of self expression! <3

    Who are your faves? Comedians or comedic actors (:.


    Since having left England to move to Holland when i was 11, i didn't grow up with the great English comedians and all i knew was Mr Bean and Monty Python, but i feel that a lot of the world's greatest comedians come from Britain (: (in my opinion most Dutch comedian's try too hard.. i guess they all do but it just doesn't feel as natural to me as it does with most British comedians (: i do like Guido Weijers). I still don't know a lot of comedians but i lovelovelove:

    1) - Eddie Izzard (ultimate fave)
    2) - Lee Evans (ultimate second)

    And then really anyone in random order:
    Billy Connolley, Bill Bailey, John Cleese, Robin Williams (Stand-Up, not film), Peter Kay, Sean Lock, Jim Jeffries, Rick Mayal & Ade Edmondson, Bill Hicks.. (:

    Who do you recommend?
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    * Eddie Izzard *

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    I confess..

    I have an obession with the freckled man with the pale blue eyes who could be my father.. lol. Anyone else here have the guilty pleasure? :p :D

    I don't believe in idolizing people, as to me the whole idolization thing kinda feels like ranking someone higher than other people, and i believe everybody (yes, EVERYBODY!!) is as special, they just have to (have the advantages to) tap into their true self and powers, etc (:. I truly believe anyone can be a huge inspiration to anyone else, and Eddie Izzard just happens to be one of MY most inspirational people (: .

    *plus the small side fact that he's mega sexy.. prrr... hehe.. oops shh!!*


    British Stand-Up Comedian * Award Winning Actor * (Action/Executive) Transvestite * Multi-Marathon Runner for Sport Relief (43 in 51 days!!! Watch Marathon Man and be blown away and MEGA inspired!!!) * Humanitarian * Political Animal * History Buff * Sexy Sexy Creature!!!!

    So.. any other Izzardians about? Hehe! ^^


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    Entertainment » Music


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    I agree with you (:.
    She never claimed to be a punk anyway so whatever, lol.
    I still hold the Distillers dear to my heart and they mean more to me than Spinerette probably ever will.. but i do love that she's doing her thing now in what suits her best at the moment, and i do love the music (:.
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    Entertainment » Music


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    My fave right now is Nekromantix (:
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    Entertainment » Music

    Last record you bought?

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    Albums i last bought:
    - Cake : Prolonging The Magic
    - Chumbawamba: UnChumbawamba
    - Le Tigre: Feminist Sweepstakes
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    Entertainment » Music

    Songs you listen when you are sad

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    @ Anita ♥: AAAH this is a low is such a good song (: <3
    @ Rainbow: Misfits, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy, love them! (: <3

    With me it depends if i'm more angry sad or lovesick sad or some other kind of sad. If i wanna get a tune for those feelings i listen to stuff like:

    - Courtney Love: Dying / Northern Star
    - Cake: Walk On By / Alpha Beta Parking Lot
    - Slipknot: Snuff / Vermillion / Circle / Gently / Scissors
    - Stone Sour: Threadbare / Monolith / Zzyzx rd / Through Glass..
    - Nirvana: Dumb / Penny-Royal Tea
    - Hank Williams Jr: Lovesick Blues
    - Muse: Shine / Hate This and I'll Love You / Megalomania / Ruled By Secrecy...
    - Bjork: Unravel
    - Emilie Autumn: Ever / Dead Is The New Alive / Liar
    - Placebo: My Sweet Prince
    - The Velvet Underground: Ocean
    - The Distillers: The Gallow Is God / Hall Of Mirrors / Deathsex
    - Joy Division: New Dawn Fades / Atmosphere..
    - Poison Girls: Tired Of Crying
    - Sleater-Kinney: The Swimmer
    - Bikini Kill: R.I.P.
    - Syd Barrett: Feel / Opel
    - Bad Religion: Sorrow
    - Dead Boys: Not Anymore
    - The Shins: New Slang

    And some to give me hope like:

    - Le Tigre: Keep On Living
    - Cock Sparrer: Don't Stop / Gotta Get Out / England Belongs To Me
    - The Distillers: Idolless
    - Gossip: 8th Wonder
    - Green Day: Christie Road
    - Muse: Invincible / Uprising
    - Lower Class Brats: Beat Of A Different Drum
    - Culture Shock: You Are Not Alone
    - Radical Face: Welcome Home

    And some to make me laugh, just any old crazy tune, check out the random song page for a whole list of ideas :D

    Try: Toy Dolls: Stay Mellow XD
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    Entertainment » Music


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    I'm waving my dick in the wind *.*

    I love Ween! :D <3
    I discovered them this year, my ex boyfriend gave me a mix cd and ocean man was on it and i instantly fell in love :D.
    I've downloaded a discography and it has a few radio sessions on it, i like how fun they are and that they don't give a fuck really if they go overboard with craziness.. on that session they had like 5 versions of a song called the stallion XD haha. Sooo funny! They rock! <3
    (BTW Melvin i love your red hair (: v. pretty!)
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    Entertainment » Music

    Muse concert!!

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    Aaah i used to have an obsession with this band like 10 years ago ever since the release of the Unintended single :D!!! Still love them. I've seen them live 8 times!! The first time was an intimate (small venue!!) gig in Amsterdam and it was one of the BEST days of my life! :D I was sooo happy lol!
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    Entertainment » Music

    Timeline of your music...

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    (These are fave band phases i had which have stayed a list of my fave bands til this day :) in general i listen to them all now except for most of the kiddie stuff :D but i actually fell in love with them at around these ages..)

    Age 1/5: SNAP! - Spider In The Bath :D - general kiddie stuff :p
    Age 8/10: Aqua - Hanson - Aaron Carter - Backstreet Boys - ABBA - Five - Alanis Morissette - UB40 - Sheryl Crow - Beatles - Pink Floyd - Rod Stewart - Robert Miles - Spice Girls (weird combo i know lol.. parential influence :p :D)
    Age 11/14: The Offspring - Green Day - Blink 182 - Nirvana - Spin Doctors - Madness - Sum 41 - Bad Religion - Tenacious D - Bloodhound Gang - Space - The Verve - Blur - Linkin Park - Skunk Anansie - Metallica
    Age 15: MUSE - Smashing Pumpkins - Radiohead - QOTSA - Primus - Aphex Twin - Bjork - JJ72
    Age 16: Brody Dalle's bands - Courtney Love's bands - Kathleen Hannah's Bands - Underworld - Massive Attack - L7 - 7 Year Bitch - Babes In Toyland - Lamb Of God - Nevermore - Weezer - Misfits - Ramones - Peaches - Sex Pistols - X-Ray Spex - The Runaways
    Age 17/18/19: The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed.. - Joy Division - Crass - Conflict - Oi Polloi - Jello Biafra/DK's etc. - Subhumans - P.I.L. - Einsturzende Neubauten - Syd Barrett - Kevin Ayers - Kinks - The Specials - Doors - Bob Dylan - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Antischism - Aus-Rotten - Black Flag - Circle Jerks - T.S.O.L. - G.B.H. - M.D.C. - Think Of One - Dead Boys - Iggy Pop & The Stooges - Wire - Minor Threat
    Age 20/23: Bowie - Slipknot/Stone Sour - Cake - Emilie Autumn - Sleater Kinney - Magneta Lane - Chumbawumba - Lydia Lunch - Nekromantix - Pearl Jam - Pulp - Lost Cherrees - Poison Girls - Judge Dread - Ween - Groundation - Amy Winehouse

    @ Arty Kitkat & Knittin' Kittin : AAh i love your band lists :D <3
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    Entertainment » Music

    Anyone for ska?

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    I second Pandora C (: but i'm also into a lot of ska punk.
    I like anything from Judge Dread to Leftover Crack (:.
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    Entertainment » Music

    What concerts have you been to?

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    Wow you guys have seen a lot of awesome bands ^^ <3 I'm especially jealous of Slipknot, The Smashing Pumpkins, Madness, The Specials, Social Distortion, L7, Bush, Blink and Green Day (<-- two of my major childhood bands (:)!
    @ Chuckee : Your post made me laugh :D (in a good way)!
    @ Charmander Rib Cage & Nightmarequeen: OMG YOU SAW CAKE!! :O i'm so jealous! :D
    @ Riley: PRIMUS! OMG! ^^ Were they amazing? Hehe. I have a feeling they can't fail.

    I'll try and list what i can remember/the ones i find relevant cause i liked them enough (lot of bands), in alphabetical order (: (the <3's were my fave shows).

    Antidote (NL)
    Bad Company (Drumnbass)
    Black Sun Empire
    The Bloodhound Gang
    Citizen Fish <3
    Cockney Rejects <3
    Conflict (UK) <3
    Dahl (NL)
    The Damned
    Focus (NL)
    Fleas And Lice
    Flogging Molly (x2)
    Franz Ferdinand (x3)
    Gewapend Beton
    Groundation <3
    Hole <3
    Kaizers Orchestra
    Lamb Of God <3
    Leftover Crack <3
    Lydia Lunch <3
    The Meteors
    Muse x8 (i'm a big fan ^^) <3
    Nevermore <3
    Oi Polloi <3
    Ozzy Osbourne <3
    Pink Grease
    Pink Hearse
    The Prodigy
    The Rifles
    Subhumans (UK) <3
    Think Of One x2 <3
    UK Subs <3
    Underworld <3
    Vice Squad

    Ooooohh i'm going to see Emilie Autumn in Aprilllll!!! :D:D:D <3
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    Entertainment » Music

    Folk Metal =D

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    I have never heard of Folk Metal but it sounds awesome :D! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, i'm gonna do some research!
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    Entertainment » Music

    a song you can listen to every day

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    Reda R, I love Emilie too (:. I played that song almost every day last year when i broke up with my ex.
    Hm. I have songs i can listen to for aaages.. but not one i play every single day (:.
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    Entertainment » Music

    Most Random Song You've Ever Heard?

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    Aah so many cool songs in this thread lol :D

    Toy Dolls and Ween <3

    Here's a few for ya!

    - Rudimentary Peni : Pogo Pope

    - Flipper : HAHAHA

    - Syd Barrett: Octopus (his songs are usually pretty random, also the early Pink Floyd of which he was a founding member)

    - Pink Floyd : Bike

    - Electrocution 250 : Fletcher The Mouse:

    - Tom Green : Tiny Slamon / The Salmon Song (From the film Road Trip :p :D - BTW: All Tom Green's songs are random!!)

    Another infamous Tom Green Tooon (from an early episode of The Tom Green Show)! :D

    And OF COURSE, GNARKILL (Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, etc!)

    - Gnarkill : Mustard Man

    - Gnarkill (or CKY? Dunno i'm going with Gnarkill) : Chinese Rap

    - Gnarkill (Turbonegro Cover) : I Got Erection

    - The Beer Beer Beer Song :


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    Entertainment » Music

    Good Wiccan/Pagan Bands?

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    I'm new to searching for these bands. But i have scanned through some recently, and a couple that aren't listed that took my attention are:

    - Spiral Rhythm:

    - Omnia:

    Also, i don't know if this counts but i'm guessing every little helps :p. I'm a huge fan of Emilie Autumn. Her stuff varies from gothic to neo-classical metal to pagan and folk, to industrial and rave stuff, etc. Check her out, she's amazing! Here's one of the many brilliant sides of Emilie, i took this one cause it's one of her more pagan songs.

    - Emilie Autumn:

    Hope this helps!
    Blessed Be!