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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    The (real) L Word

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    Hehe yeah i can understand that would be a bit awkward :p that's pretty cool btw i had no idea about the references. I'm bi but i've never actually hit on a girl i just know i'm bi (pan really (: ). And yes i wish there were more as well!
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    * Eddie Izzard *

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    Lol i know it's bad.. but we can't defy human nature now can we?? ^^ Hehe :p Have you seen him live?
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    Fave Comedians

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    Aaah yes Black Books is hilarious :D !! Love Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey! I don't know Ross Noble and Jimoen, i'll look them up. I also reeally love Steve Coogan and his comedy programme's Alan Partridge and Saxonville (:
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    Entertainment » Music

    Your favorite Christmas song

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    Aah i like the Vandals and Twisted Sisters ones (:.

    I also like these *heheh* :P :

    - CKY: The 12 Days Of Christmas

    - CKY: Shitty Christmas
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    Entertainment » Music

    What are you listening to?

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    - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel : Hideaway

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    Social » Chit Chat

    Introductions Thread - New to the site? Come say hello!

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    I've become a member about two weeks ago before seeing this page ^^ hehe. But yeah.. ELLEUH! Hehe.
    Great website! I love DIY/revamping/eco and quirky/retro/unique things :D!
    Oh btw i'm vegan incase anyone was looking for another vegan! ^^
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    Craft » General

    i cant edit my about me!!!

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    Yeah i have the same problem.
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    The (real) L Word

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    Any fans of The L Word (US), The Real L Word (US) or Lip Service (UK)? (:

    If you're ever bored and want to watch a good lesbian/gay/bi series, watch them!
    Also feel free to mention any related series!

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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    US or UK?

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    Skins: UK
    The Office: Both
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    Fave Comedians

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    Stand-Up or Otherwise!

    Until recently i didn't really care much for comedians, but having recently gone through a depression i have been searching for things to make me laugh and truly, laughter and comedy is life saving stuff!! Just like music or any other form of self expression!

    Who are your faves? Comedians or comedic actors (:.


    Since having left England to move to Holland when i was 11, i didn't grow up with the great English comedians and all i knew was Mr Bean and Monty Python, but i feel that a lot of the world's greatest comedians come from Britain (: (in my opinion most Dutch comedian's try too hard.. i guess they all do but it just doesn't feel as natural to me as it does with most British comedians (: i do like Guido Weijers). I still don't know a lot of comedians but i lovelovelove:

    1) - Eddie Izzard (ultimate fave)
    2) - Lee Evans (ultimate second)

    And then really anyone in random order:
    Billy Connolley, Bill Bailey, John Cleese, Robin Williams (Stand-Up, not film), Peter Kay, Sean Lock, Jim Jeffries, Rick Mayal & Ade Edmondson, Bill Hicks.. (:

    Who do you recommend?
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    Entertainment » Film + TV

    * Eddie Izzard *

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    I confess..

    I have an obession with the freckled man with the pale blue eyes who could be my father.. lol. Anyone else here have the guilty pleasure? :p :D

    I don't believe in idolizing people, as to me the whole idolization thing kinda feels like ranking someone higher than other people, and i believe everybody (yes, EVERYBODY!!) is as special, they just have to (have the advantages to) tap into their true self and powers, etc (:. I truly believe anyone can be a huge inspiration to anyone else, and Eddie Izzard just happens to be one of MY most inspirational people (: .

    *plus the small side fact that he's mega sexy.. prrr... hehe.. oops shh!!*


    British Stand-Up Comedian * Award Winning Actor * (Action/Executive) Transvestite * Multi-Marathon Runner for Sport Relief (43 in 51 days!!! Watch Marathon Man and be blown away and MEGA inspired!!!) * Humanitarian * Political Animal * History Buff * Sexy Sexy Creature!!!!

    So.. any other Izzardians about? Hehe! ^^


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    Entertainment » Music


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    I agree with you (:.
    She never claimed to be a punk anyway so whatever, lol.
    I still hold the Distillers dear to my heart and they mean more to me than Spinerette probably ever will.. but i do love that she's doing her thing now in what suits her best at the moment, and i do love the music (:.
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    Entertainment » Music


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    My fave right now is Nekromantix (:
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    Entertainment » Music

    Last record you bought?

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    Albums i last bought:
    - Cake : Prolonging The Magic
    - Chumbawamba: UnChumbawamba
    - Le Tigre: Feminist Sweepstakes
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    Entertainment » Music

    Songs you listen when you are sad

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    @ Anita ♥: AAAH this is a low is such a good song (:
    @ Rainbow: Misfits, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy, love them! (:

    With me it depends if i'm more angry sad or lovesick sad or some other kind of sad. If i wanna get a tune for those feelings i listen to stuff like:

    - Courtney Love: Dying / Northern Star
    - Cake: Walk On By / Alpha Beta Parking Lot
    - Slipknot: Snuff / Vermillion / Circle / Gently / Scissors
    - Stone Sour: Threadbare / Monolith / Zzyzx rd / Through Glass..
    - Nirvana: Dumb / Penny-Royal Tea
    - Hank Williams Jr: Lovesick Blues
    - Muse: Shine / Hate This and I'll Love You / Megalomania / Ruled By Secrecy...
    - Bjork: Unravel
    - Emilie Autumn: Ever / Dead Is The New Alive / Liar
    - Placebo: My Sweet Prince
    - The Velvet Underground: Ocean
    - The Distillers: The Gallow Is God / Hall Of Mirrors / Deathsex
    - Joy Division: New Dawn Fades / Atmosphere..
    - Poison Girls: Tired Of Crying
    - Sleater-Kinney: The Swimmer
    - Bikini Kill: R.I.P.
    - Syd Barrett: Feel / Opel
    - Bad Religion: Sorrow
    - Dead Boys: Not Anymore
    - The Shins: New Slang

    And some to give me hope like:

    - Le Tigre: Keep On Living
    - Cock Sparrer: Don't Stop / Gotta Get Out / England Belongs To Me
    - The Distillers: Idolless
    - Gossip: 8th Wonder
    - Green Day: Christie Road
    - Muse: Invincible / Uprising
    - Lower Class Brats: Beat Of A Different Drum
    - Culture Shock: You Are Not Alone
    - Radical Face: Welcome Home

    And some to make me laugh, just any old crazy tune, check out the random song page for a whole list of ideas :D

    Try: Toy Dolls: Stay Mellow XD
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    Entertainment » Music


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    I'm waving my dick in the wind *.*

    I love Ween! :D
    I discovered them this year, my ex boyfriend gave me a mix cd and ocean man was on it and i instantly fell in love :D.
    I've downloaded a discography and it has a few radio sessions on it, i like how fun they are and that they don't give a fuck really if they go overboard with craziness.. on that session they had like 5 versions of a song called the stallion XD haha. Sooo funny! They rock!
    (BTW Melvin i love your red hair (: v. pretty!)
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    Entertainment » Music

    Muse concert!!

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    Aaah i used to have an obsession with this band like 10 years ago ever since the release of the Unintended single :D!!! Still love them. I've seen them live 8 times!! The first time was an intimate (small venue!!) gig in Amsterdam and it was one of the BEST days of my life! :D I was sooo happy lol!
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    Entertainment » Music

    Timeline of your music...

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    (These are fave band phases i had which have stayed a list of my fave bands til this day :) in general i listen to them all now except for most of the kiddie stuff :D but i actually fell in love with them at around these ages..)

    Age 1/5: SNAP! - Spider In The Bath :D - general kiddie stuff :p
    Age 8/10: Aqua - Hanson - Aaron Carter - Backstreet Boys - ABBA - Five - Alanis Morissette - UB40 - Sheryl Crow - Beatles - Pink Floyd - Rod Stewart - Robert Miles - Spice Girls (weird combo i know lol.. parential influence :p :D)
    Age 11/14: The Offspring - Green Day - Blink 182 - Nirvana - Spin Doctors - Madness - Sum 41 - Bad Religion - Tenacious D - Bloodhound Gang - Space - The Verve - Blur - Linkin Park - Skunk Anansie - Metallica
    Age 15: MUSE - Smashing Pumpkins - Radiohead - QOTSA - Primus - Aphex Twin - Bjork - JJ72
    Age 16: Brody Dalle's bands - Courtney Love's bands - Kathleen Hannah's Bands - Underworld - Massive Attack - L7 - 7 Year Bitch - Babes In Toyland - Lamb Of God - Nevermore - Weezer - Misfits - Ramones - Peaches - Sex Pistols - X-Ray Spex - The Runaways
    Age 17/18/19: The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed.. - Joy Division - Crass - Conflict - Oi Polloi - Jello Biafra/DK's etc. - Subhumans - P.I.L. - Einsturzende Neubauten - Syd Barrett - Kevin Ayers - Kinks - The Specials - Doors - Bob Dylan - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Antischism - Aus-Rotten - Black Flag - Circle Jerks - T.S.O.L. - G.B.H. - M.D.C. - Think Of One - Dead Boys - Iggy Pop & The Stooges - Wire - Minor Threat
    Age 20/23: Bowie - Slipknot/Stone Sour - Cake - Emilie Autumn - Sleater Kinney - Magneta Lane - Chumbawumba - Lydia Lunch - Nekromantix - Pearl Jam - Pulp - Lost Cherrees - Poison Girls - Judge Dread - Ween - Groundation - Amy Winehouse

    @ Arty Kitkat & Knittin' Kittin : AAh i love your band lists :D
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    Entertainment » Music

    Anyone for ska?

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    I second Pandora C (: but i'm also into a lot of ska punk.
    I like anything from Judge Dread to Leftover Crack (:.
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    Entertainment » Music

    What concerts have you been to?

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    Wow you guys have seen a lot of awesome bands ^^
    @ Riley: PRIMUS! OMG! ^^ Were they amazing? Hehe. I have a feeling they can't fail.

    I'll try and list what i can remember/the ones i find relevant cause i liked them enough (lot of bands), in alphabetical order (: (the
    Oi Polloi
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Pink Grease
    Pink Hearse
    The Prodigy
    The Rifles
    Subhumans (UK)
    Think Of One x2
    UK Subs
    Vice Squad

    Ooooohh i'm going to see Emilie Autumn in Aprilllll!!! :D:D:D
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    Entertainment » Music

    Folk Metal =D

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    I have never heard of Folk Metal but it sounds awesome :D! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, i'm gonna do some research!
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    Entertainment » Music

    a song you can listen to every day

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    Reda R, I love Emilie too (:. I played that song almost every day last year when i broke up with my ex.
    Hm. I have songs i can listen to for aaages.. but not one i play every single day (:.
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    Entertainment » Music

    Most Random Song You've Ever Heard?

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    Aah so many cool songs in this thread lol :D

    Toy Dolls and Ween

    Here's a few for ya!

    - Rudimentary Peni : Pogo Pope

    - Flipper : HAHAHA

    - Syd Barrett: Octopus (his songs are usually pretty random, also the early Pink Floyd of which he was a founding member)

    - Pink Floyd : Bike

    - Electrocution 250 : Fletcher The Mouse:

    - Tom Green : Tiny Slamon / The Salmon Song (From the film Road Trip :p :D - BTW: All Tom Green's songs are random!!)

    Another infamous Tom Green Tooon (from an early episode of The Tom Green Show)! :D

    And OF COURSE, GNARKILL (Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, etc!)

    - Gnarkill : Mustard Man

    - Gnarkill (or CKY? Dunno i'm going with Gnarkill) : Chinese Rap

    - Gnarkill (Turbonegro Cover) : I Got Erection

    - The Beer Beer Beer Song :


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    Entertainment » Music

    Good Wiccan/Pagan Bands?

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    I'm new to searching for these bands. But i have scanned through some recently, and a couple that aren't listed that took my attention are:

    - Spiral Rhythm:

    - Omnia:

    Also, i don't know if this counts but i'm guessing every little helps :p. I'm a huge fan of Emilie Autumn. Her stuff varies from gothic to neo-classical metal to pagan and folk, to industrial and rave stuff, etc. Check her out, she's amazing! Here's one of the many brilliant sides of Emilie, i took this one cause it's one of her more pagan songs.

    - Emilie Autumn:

    Hope this helps!
    Blessed Be!