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Pace Florida 1 project

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by Olivia O.

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    Craft » Knitting

    Knit Flowers?

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    Here's a pattern:

    Cast on 6 st.
    1: Knit 3 yo, knit to end
    2: Knit
    Repeat 1&2 until you have 11 stitches.
    For the 12th do 1 then Bind off the 1st 6 st. and knit to end.

    Repeat until you have 5 points. Sew the ends together, then weave yarn in and out of the holes from the yo's, pull tight. Ta dah!
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    Craft » Knitting

    Beginning to knit

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    Dishcloths are really great beginner projects. They do not use much yarn and don't take too long. Also, if you use thick needles and #6 yarn (Super chunky) you can make a scarf pretty fast.
    Some good tips/techniques: