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    I think Peta makes valid points, but I take everything they do and say with a grain of salt. I am for the ethical treatment of animals and I am vegan, but I think a lot of their material only reaches the people that already know about it. Personally, I don't want to be bombarded with imagery of tortured animals all of the time. I know it's out there and I do my best to spread the word about it and tell others, but most people that aren't already paying attention to it don't want to hear it... and the people that know about it get immersed in it and eventually believe that it's the only way people treat animals. I believe humans and animals can live together harmoniously, but I don't believe they are here for our use. I find that kind of thinking egotistical.

    I'm not against PETA, because I believe in the cause, but I'm not for it because I don't always agree with the methods. However, sometimes drastic measures are called for to get people's attention... and in this day and age, that's sometimes the only way you're going to get through to people.

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