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    Hi Rosii,

    My understanding of an ATC.

    Artist Trading Card.

    This is a small piece of art, designed and created by you on a piece of card/paper/fabric that is 64mm x 89mm.

    You swap them almost like business cards, but it is more of a fun way to swap art with people.

    You can decorate them any way you want to, with any medium/colour/style you like.

    You can make original, one of a kind, unique ATC's.

    You can make sets of identical ATC's which would be an Edition

    You can make sets of themed ATC's which would be a series.

    If you google ATC's then you will see so many sites that will give you ideas.
    If you have interests and ideas of your own, make your own art.

    I like mine to be inspirational, or if I can find out what my swap partner is interested in, I will tailor make ATC's to suit their tastes.
    I like to make recycled ATC's and sparkly ATC's. Nearly every ATC I send out has glitter on it somewhere.

    I will try and pop some in the post to you to give you some ideas.


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    Debs, I'm sold.... I so want to make some of these. I've got so many ideas and can't wait to see what others think.

    So how do we go about working out a swap and how do we work out dates and the number of cards we swap.

    OOOOhhhh.... I'm all excited :0)


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    I've been looking at doing this for a while and wondered who was in to ATC's and what advice/tips/ideas/websites you would give/recommend to a newbie in the world of ATC's.


    Kimmi x

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