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by Nessah.

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    Site » Bugs & Problems

    Myspace? <3

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    myspace.com/piss_drunk_182 whats yers?! ADD MEE. you wont regret itt <33
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    Craft » Beauty

    Tattoos & Piercing

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    i havee 8 peircingss.. 2 on each ear. my nose. my belly button..my lip. and my tounge. =] && oneeeeee tattoo on my right wrist of 5 stars.. && ohh bbyy i plan on getting some moree!! blehh stomach tattoos are kindaa wack if yer young! cuz if you get fat err preganet, then its gunna look all gross.. butt w.e. <333333333
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    Entertainment » Film + TV


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    that move gets me sad. cuz me and an EX boyy of mine went to go watch it.. [= ehh oh well ... [= myspace.com/piss_drunk_182 ADD MEEEE!! =]
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    Entertainment » Music

    simple plan!!!

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    Entertainment » Music

    What song has been stuck in your head?

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    Apple Bottome Jeans (jeans) Boots with the furr (furr) the whole club was lookin at herrr!! bahaha i loveeeeeeeeee ittt [=