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Port of Spain Port of Spain TT 35 projects

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by Maribug

  1. Posted

    Community » Issues

    How do I explain to them that sleeveless isn't always innapropriate!

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    you ask them to respect that you have different opinions on the matter and kindly ask them not to shove theirs down your throat :)
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    Social » Chit Chat

    Funny Obsessions?

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    ANYTHING with the little mermaid
    my room is like a shrine :(
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    Craft » General

    Making a fitting mannequin.

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    i really can't afford a dress form either so i plan on making one. it also helps that it will be an exact replica of your own body....that'll be REALLY helpful. plus, its really simple to sew a fitted cover for it, and that way you can stick pins in it freely :)