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    A balance between organized and messy

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    My fiance and I are in a bit of a pickle. He likes to have a certain amount of clutter in our bedroom (all we have for furniture is a bed, a night stand, and a dresser) which usually means our clean clothes that don't fit in the closet or dresser get thrown around on the floor.

    I'm usually up before the sun and don't like to turn on the light which would wake him up, so I usually end up almost tripping on something when I get out of bed.

    So, my question is what should I do to make a good balance between the bedroom clutter he likes and the organization I like? Do you think getting more furniture might help? Or should I just clean up all the clothes and get a rug or two so it looks like the floor is cluttered when it actually isn't? (I would talk to him about this, but he usually doesn't care what goes on as long as everything is clean, lol. Plus I would kinda like to surprise him by making our bedroom look better.)

    He only likes to have clutter in the bedroom--every other room has to be organized. His bedroom at his mom's house is cluttered and always has been, so I know the clutter of clean clothes is a comfort to him... but I just need to get it off the floor!

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    I like my room the way your husband likes yours. Just a little bit of clutter makes it feel more like home than a hotel. Getting a rug sounds like a good idea, or you could just get some kind of basket that you could toss the clothes in. Then at night, you could just push it out of the way. If all else fails, just designate one spot where the clothes can go and make sure to avoid it when you wake up early.

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    Hm... I do have a large tub that I was using for blanket storage in the summer, but now all of our blankets are on the bed since it's getting colder. I think getting some more baskets might be a really good idea, though.

    I'm going to look into getting a neat rug. I have a Mexican blanket I might put down since it's big and colorful.

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    What about one of those canvas closets? I saw one at bath, bed, and beyond. Or a trunk?

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    The rug idea worked! I need to definitely get a trunk at some point.

    I showed my fiance what I did as soon as he got home from class today and he loves it so far. Just have a little pile of clothes I need to sort through and that'll be it. Hooray!