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    Just discovered Silk Pure Almond milk...Yum!

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    My daughter and I have been drinking soy and almond milk for as long as she's been around(nearly 3 years). Of course, she didn't actually start drinking it till she was 1, but I was drinking it while breastfeeding her. I've been told horrific things about soy milk, and over use of it, so I try to supplement almond or rice milk from time to time. We've had no problems. Usually, Almond milk is more expensive, unless you buy smallish cartons that don't have to be refrigerated until opened, but yesterday I discovered Silk's new Pure Almond version. It's actually about the same price as their soy milks, so I bought Sofi and me a carton each of original and vanilla. It's REALLY good. 90 calories a serving, too. Anyway....just wanted to let y'all know, if you are non-cow milk drinkers...you may want to try this!

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    i always drink soy milk, i had no clue there was horrible things about it... like what??? ah now im scared to go eat milk and cookies!

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    I am a proffesional nut mylker ;) I got a shirt that says so.. so it's so.

    almond mylk is a great alternative to soy or dairy.

    Ok actually I work at a raw food resturant and we make it at work. It's easy and way more satisfying. We make ice cream and cheezecakes and amazing drinks. Check our her website for some non-dairy inspiration.


    Also if you want to make your own Sparrow Fae, it's super easy. I even made a tutorial on here for it.

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    I was actually thinking of drinking alternatives to milk. When I start full time job and my mum gets her hours back = more money in the house - I might give it a try. It sounds very yummy!!

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    then you can add soaked cashews.. agave syrup and dates and make mylk shakes!!! You just blend the mylk, nuts, agave and dates and freeze them in ice cube trays, then once frozen.. add some mylk again.. or orange juice ... or cacao powder and mylk.. whatever flavour and you got an AMAZING drink.

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    ^alex^---As far as I've heard, it doesn't have bad effects on adults, but it does have large amounts of estrogen in it. My issue is in 'closed studies' and all that jazz, young girls(toddler age), who drank a LOT of soy milk on a very steady regimen eventually began showing signs of puberty very early. Like, pubic hair at 4 years old. That kind of thing. But of course, as with any of those 'studies' they do massive amounts of whatever the thing is, just like they do with rats. So I don't think it'll be anything like as bad for my daughter, who has maybe 1 glass a day, if that. And her dad refuses to listen to me about her having excess phlegm from cow's milk, so she doesn't have soy or almond at his house(on the weekends). I just try to flip it back and forth, just in case.

    And, as we should all have learned by now, too much of anything can be hazardous. Even...bababum....chocolate.

    Flail of the Flair---I have a friend who is raw vegan, and makes homemade almond mylk and all that stuff, and I think that's wonderful, but as I said, I have a 3 year old, who takes up all my time!! Maybe when she's older, I might start trying out that sort of thing. I'm also living with my fiance's family, and they are very redneck, all about the junk food. It's pretty hard to fool with any sort of 'healthier' type cooking/food prep in this house. If I had a bag of raw almonds in the freezer, someone would end up eating/baking with them before I had a chance. But this is only temporary 8D

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    you know, there is absolutely no problem with soy ANYTHING as long as it's organic. its all the genetically modified sh*t you have to look out for, and thats true for any food. just so you know. Happy

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    Thank you, Rachie, that makes me feel much better!! Even though I don't go completely organic, I try very hard to buy raw ingredients(meat, fruit, veg), and that makes a big difference. I really don't like the way processed foods make me feel. I try to read labels, and such. My sisters and mother are all wheat gluten allergic, so they made me very aware of all the processed foods with MSG in them, unnecessarily. It's nuts how many things you'll find wheat gluten or MSG in, and both are actually pretty bad for everyone, not just people with wheat allergies. I'm thinking of quitting wheat, myself, but it's going to be so hard!!! One big thing that appeals to me about it, though, is losing weight just from cutting it from my diet!! Now that's a simple way to lose weight...

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    From cutting out wheat!? My friend sort of did that, she cut bread out of her diet and she lost loadsa weight. I really need to lose weight. It's amazing what we eat and how it makes us feel, like this morning I was going to have some toast - I forgot about it and burnt it - so I thought "No you're not going to burn more bread!!" and decided to go for fruit - I've never had fruit for brekkie, which I know is bad - and I feel so much fresher and more alert and stuff for it!! Maybe it's just me.

    As soon as I can afford alternatives to milk I shall look into something new and organic and healthier for me Happy

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    Yes, fruit is an awesome breakfast! But, you may want to add a little something proteinish along with it, if it's a long time before you eat lunch. I'm always hungry an hour after eating nothing but fruit. But it does make me feel better than eating a doughnut or toast. There are now a lot of wheat alternatives, just like the milk alternatives. My mom and sisters eat wheatless pasta, muffins or doughnuts(rarely, they're expensive), and buy other types of flour(garbanzo, rice, corn, sorghum) to bake and cook with. My mom also can't have any dairy, so she has to try new things a lot. She whines, occasionally, because so much Southern American cooking is full of wheat and cheese, and she can't have them anymore.

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    I'm Asthmatic and my symptoms are made worse when I have any lactose, I consider going to lactose-free often... but I HATE soy mil *pukes* If only there where interesting alternatives in the UK... x

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    But why would people have problems buying raw ingredients? Sorry, I know that makes me sound really dense.

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    Yes! I discovered their almond milk recently too! I love it

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    I absolutely LOVE almond milk. Also, Almond Dream ice cream is absolutely delicious.

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    I usually drink regular 2% milk but upon your recommendation I went out and bought Silk Almond milk and to my suprise it tastes REALLY GOOD!! Thanks!!

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    I love soymilk.

    We buy it from the Korean store in cartons and put tapioca boba pearls in it.


    The silk soymilk tastes really gross to me. Actually, it doesn't even taste like real soymilk. -__-"

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    Have you tried Rice Milk? I love it and often have that as my alternative to soya.

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    Almond milk is the bomb diggity

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    I drink Silk Vanilla Soy Milk...DELICIOUS!

    I love adding this milk to my chai tea, it's so unbelievably wonderful!

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    I love soymilk with tapioca pearls! I get it already made that way, sometimes at an Asian Market in my neighborhood. I've only had Silk and the other American brands, so I wouldn't know the difference, but now I'm interested to find out how good Asian brands are!

    I use soy or almond milk in coffee, smoothies, chai, and any recipe that uses cow's milk. It's a little sad that it's around $3 a half gallon(in comparison with cow's milk for around $1.50 for a whole gallon), but it makes me feel so much better than cow's milk. I hardly even eat cheese anymore, either.

    DIYer, happy to have converted you!!

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    OMG...there is Soymilk with Tapioca Pearls! I go absolutely bonkers over bubble teas. My favorites are strawberry yogurt with pearls or green tea with pearls.

    So you bought this at an Asian market? I have one near my house, I'm going to have to check it out now!

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    So if you're worried about getting too much omega-6 eat a bunch of omega-3! Happy

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    I buy the local off-brand almond milk here, of the sugar-free variety. I just add stuff like a little bit of honey or sweetener and vanilla extract, and it tastes just like flavored milk. My thing is, I love whole milk, but I'm lactose intolerant. So the honey adds that thick, kinda creaminess to it that makes it amazing. And the unsweetened vanilla is great with honey too!

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    Wow, I love Almond Milk. I recently learned how to make my own-and it's the easiest thing I've ever done. And it's fast--AND DELICIOUS! You should try it. All you need it 1 cup of raw almond (I buy them bulk), 4 cups water, and a blender. You soak the almonds overnight in water (not the same water you use to make it). The next morning drain the water and put the 4 cups water and almonds into a blender and blend away until it's pretty smooth. I use a flour sack to drain the milk into a pitcher--and the left over almond pulp is delicious to use in smoothies etc. You can also dry out the almond pulp and grind it into almond flour (which is super expensive at the stores). So, you just made the best almond milk ever and it cost about 75 cents! You should use the almond milk within the week--as it has no preservatives in it, it won't keep longer than that.

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    i recently fond out im lactose-intolerant and i ove this stuff, soooo much better than nasty lactaid. Tongue

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    I just discovered it about two weeks ago and it's FANTASTIC!! Goes great with granola. Om nom nom!!

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    i prefer almond milk over soy since I have thyroid issues and a sensitivity to milk after having my second child. :/ Soy can mess w/ your thyroid (its already jacked up! i don't need it to get worse! lol)I like the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze brand over Silk. Someone mentioned coconut milk... lol... for me thats nothing new. I'm from Puerto Rico and we drink coconut milk and water, sometimes straight from the nut! lol Coconut water has SO many benefits to the body.

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    I've been drinking Silk soy milk and Almond mild for quite a long time now. And if you're an adult and don't drink a gallon a day of soy milk you'll be okay. As with everything, moderation is the key here.

    I do switch the soy and the almond milk out from time to time with each other. Yes Silk ALmond milk is the absolute shit! My husband and I just love it. Here's a tip to get soy and almond milk much less expensive than in regular grocery stores. Frequent buy out or close out stores or what is called around here Clearance centers. They are like Big Lots and Ollies only smaller and local.

    Check the food section of said Big Lots and Ollies, they sometimes have the shelf soluable packaged soy milks. We go to a local one called DVO or Direct Value Outlet. You have to check the dates to make sure they are good before you buy, but that hasn't been a problem for us as of yet. I get rice dreams and silk products at that one all the time for a third less than I pay for it in the grocery store. And if you buy the ones in the shelf soluable packaging it will last unopened on your shelf for about a year. That's awesome. SHelf Soluable pacakaging is the square sort of carboard containers with the seal and cap on the top.

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    Aldi's Grocery store now carries Almond milk and its pretty good! It's about $2.79 for a 1/2 gallon. Happy It is good too!

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    almond milk and peanut butter honey on raisin bread cured me. my asthma is gone. my belly no loner hurts! low carb.. high plant based protein diet with several glasses of unsweet almond is very good for me!!! Cows milk is poison and unfit to drink!