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    Question for all the peoples with tattoos and piercings and colored hair!

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    Where do you work? I have one tattoo so far. I am going to get more. No doubt about that, but I would like to get some piercing. But every business around me doesn't allow facial piercings or colored hair and all that jazz. So I was just wondering where you all work. I guess I do live in a kind of conservative area though. So that's a big part of my problem.

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    The piercing I had you could cover up. It was a sternum piercing (RIP) but I'll get it again. =P As long as you can wear the right clothes to cover it, you're good. Just make sure you're aware of the uniform. As far as hair color goes, I can't have my hair the way I want it until I go back to school...so I can't help you there. I hope to get a job at Hot Topic when I go back to school, so I CAN have my hair pink!

    Best of luck.

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    I have a Blue bird tattoo on my righthand wrist and a treagus peircing in my ear.

    I work in a Dementia Care home and my employers have no problem with tattoos aslong as they arent obscene and my boss loves my tattoo and quite a few of the people I look after do aswell. Facial piercings have to be covered or taken out on shift because of hygiene reasons but my treagus is my ear so i dont have to remove it.

    Work places are starting to get more liberal about these here in UK

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    I can't have bright colour hair though unfortunately, can have red or something smart.

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    I have a gun tattoo on my wrist and a monroe piercing along with my nose. Im a hairdresser and Im very lucky that my career is so laied back that many salons and clinets for that matter dont mind. But before that I worked at as a cashier in a home improvemen store they didnt mind about my tattoos and I could keep my piercings as long as I put a clear stud in both. Happy

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    I have bright pink and purple hair. I am a maths tutor but I speak to the parents over the phone before I meet them, so usually they're okay with it. A few people have told me they don't want me teaching their kids but oh well. I also wanna try get a job at a company that does kiddies parties. I think little girls would love a fairy with pink and purple hair xD

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    I teach dance so I have never really run into a problem with that... but then again the worst I have is an industrial

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    My tattoo is fairly easy to cover up to and most people who has seen it have liked it. It's just that most places I have applied to don't allow facial piercings. I think it would be neat to be a hairdresser, but I can barley do my own hair so I think that's out of the question.

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    Back in the day when I was in cosmetology school, I had short purplr hair. I worked at a restaurant. They didn't really allow the colored hair so I wore a bandana over it when I was working. I had my labret pierced too, but I had to take it out for work.

    When I worked at the salon, I could have the colored hair but no facial piercings.

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    For the moment I study but I work at a restaurant in the summers, they don't really care about piercings, tattoos or hair as long as it looks presentable. Small and "neutral" tattoos (text, birds, flowers) may show and some of us who works there have nose and lip piercings, it all depends on how the person wears it and as long as it's not to much. It's so common with piercings and tattoos these days.

    I think it depends on what kind of business it is, for example would you take a lawyer with multi colored hair seriously? or a doctor?

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    I'm a phlebotomist and any tattoo I have needs to be in places people can't see, you'll be amazed at how many people complain!

    I have 3 tattoos btw Happy

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    I got a job at a music store today =] They LOVE my pink and purple hair! When I went for the interview I was scared that they won't hire me because of my hair..

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    AWWW! The fairy idea is SO CUTE. I would've loved to have a fairy with pink hair at one of my parties!!!

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    Hehe I think the girls would love it. I basically get attacked by little girls when I go to the mall because they wanna hug "the pink haired lady" xD

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    I have one tatoo on my neck, I work as a graphic designer so I am aloud. depends on which company you work for. Most design firms don't alow you to go too crazy or have facial peiceings(dude, I tried spelling it three times-epic fail- BLARG)

    I only have two peicerings now, its due to my senstive skin. my skin rejects most. I wanted to get an monroe, but the body peicers said no because I am a bleeder, like really, when I got my tattoo, blod everywhere. Freaked the guy out. Didn't hurt though.