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    Help Me Name My New Pet

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    Hello. In a few weeks i will be getting a brand new female rat. I have another girl who's been needing a friend for quite sometime. My current rattys name is Disco. I named her after a favorite band of mine. But i can't think of any names for the new little baby girl im going to be taking home. So I thought, why not turn to you creative people here. So I want to here your ideas Happy

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    hmm......if you wanted to stay with the whole music genre/band thing..you could do..Jazzy? haha im sorry im no help lol

    Daisy..[first name that came to mind]

    Pebbles [idk..hahaa]

    or since im no help you can look online at all the dog names and see if any would work for a rat as well ^^

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    p.s. that hedgehog is ADORABLE!!! =D

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    Ooooo be sure to show us some photos!My hubby wants to get a rat for ages now,he even planned the name out.its Spakli.thats a tool that is used by house-painters.Oh dear,I really need to get him a rat... Happy

    Ok,my suggestions are:



    Rattus -thats a band I like Happy but its not too girly


    Petunia Happy -my fave



    Mano (it means elf on Hungarian)

    I give my pets people names.I had a guinea pig called János (James),a cat called Károly (Karl) and now my kittens name is Móric (Mauritius)

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    Oh i will be sure to post pictures. I'm hoping that from this litter is some rex females, because there so cute with curly wiskers. Violetta, if you are looking into one, it is best to custome make a cage because pet store ones are either too small or the bar spacing is too far apart and the rattys just squeeze out. I buy from breeders, just because pet stores dont care about the heath or teperment ( there breeding for snake food). Also, with breeders you can get really cool colours, marking, and fur types Happy

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    Thanks for the advice!He wants a white/brown hooded rat.

    I will have to travel to the next city for it,we dont have pet shops or breeders here.And he insists on making the rat house him self. Happy

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    then you will have disco inferno. lol

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    On the same idea as Michelle how about Dancer Happy

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    Cute! hmmm... Lest see...you can call it



    Epephaneo (lol)


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    Princess Diana



    Joan Jett


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    Mrs Rat

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    Nice ideas so far everyone. I really appreciate the help. Im thinking of naming her Fate, after another band i really enjoy, whats your thoughts on this name?

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    fate sounds lovely <3

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    I still like inferno but Fate is awesome too

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    Well im trying to think of something that is unisex, but still not overly masculine sounding. Oh and when i get her i'll be posting pictures ^^

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    I always wanted to have a white rat and a black rat, and call them Omen and Jinx...but I'm weird, LOL.

    Fate is a very cool name. On the band name concept, more suggestions are...Muse(love them so much), Queen(likewise), GaGa...cuz Lady GaGa is all about Discos.

    Everyone else had cool names, too!

    I used to have a hedgehog named Ambrosia, after Ambrose Spike, a hedgehog character in a book called Redwall. There's a series of those books, and all the characters are mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, rats, otters, and the like, and they all have really cool names. I like to give my pets real people's names, too, Violetta! I've had a Timothy, Christopher, Henry, Walter, Petie, Norman, Cassandra, Marishka(or is it spelled Mariska?), Autumn, Ameena, Abby, Skylar, McGregor(Mack), Inigo Montoya(LOL)...and many more!

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    Awww you had a Mariska!My granny's name is Mariska! Happy

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    So I ended up getting a pair of sisters to keep Disco company. Ive decided on the names Echo and Fate, because they sounds a little girly, but still nice. Thanks for the ideas everybody Happy

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    I'll be posting pictures on Friday, because thats when the new girls get to come home ^^

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    I won`t be getting my new rat at all. The lady who i was contacting about them decided on the day that I shoudl pick up, to never contact me back . So now i have to wait longer unfortunatly

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    That's a shame, what a cow.

    What about Bumtrinket for a name, that rolls off the tongue nicely. x