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    Anybody else hate spending Christmas whit his own family?

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    I dont spend Christmas with my family.This will be the fourth time this year.I know it may sound crazy or what,but i really hate being home on Christmas.I go to my husbands(whe are not legaly married yet) parents and we spend the holidays there.I hated Christmas for so many years,untill I saw what a great holiday it can be If you are with the right people.Before that I spent my Christmas alone in my room,depressed and most of the time crying.But now its my favorite holiday and I LOVE Christmas time!I love decorating the house with my mother-in-law,baking with her and opening presents with that family. The reason I hated Christmas is because my parents think,just because Im grown up now we dont need to celebrate Christmas anymore.There are no decorations,no Christmas tree,no Christmas dinner,no presents,no Christmas feeling and the most important thing: no love! So I was just curious is there anyone else ho spends Christmas with someone else then their family?

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    I don't like spending Christmas with my family. I don't get on with my dad, I don't really have anything to say to the rest of them. My aunt criticises me the whole time and makes me cook my own food cause she refuses to cook for a vegetarian. I just hate it, I'd love if I could spend Christmas with someone else, but I'm 18 so not allowed yet. Having said that, my brother's 26 and isn't allowed.

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    Hope youll find someone who will make you love Christmas soon! Same thing with my dad!Most of the time he comes home drunk,keeps drinking at home and argues with everybody around him.It gets uglyer on Christmas.

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    This will probably be the first year i wont spend christmas at home. Last year it was horrible and i cried myself to sleep , this year however ill be spending it with my fiance's familyHappy i love it at his place. The whole house is decorated like hardcore christmasy and such and his grandma is being super nice to usHappy at my house our tree isnt even up and i honeslty cant be around my spoiled brat little sister :x i might stop by with the family for a bit but eeh.... only if my grandma's there.

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    I am buddist, I really don't celebrate christmas, but I havn't spent a christmas with my family for three years, I was living 12 hours away, too far to drive in the winter

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    I'm just gonna get drunk. Oh god, my mum reminded me of something - my uncle, whose house we're going to for Christmas this year, thinks he's a painter. And they have paintings all round the house and they make their own Christmas card that said "The Thompson Gallery" on. And they're awful. They look like something a 9 year old would paint. And we have to go on about how great they are =( it's depressing.

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    i have spent most of my adult christmas times alone. I used to live across the country from family and no one wanted to come see me because "there isn't anything to do there" (um hello I was there and that should have been enough)

    anyway we live only a days drive away from family now and i am still going to spend it without family. no one wanted to come down. I am a little sad we haven't been invited to anyone's house, nothing going on around town, so actually i think it will be a boring week.

    I absolutely LOVE my brother in law and his family so if i could i'd much rather spend the holiday with them. my own siblings are a little selfish and it's hard to relate to them. soooooooo

    here's to everyone celebrating in their own way and making themselves happy!

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    Kit maybe if you get drunk enough the paintings will get nicer! Happy

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    Yeah maybe they'll turn into mini Van Goghs or something

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    i love your hair in yur pic, violetta!

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    Thanks!I colored it black two days ago...

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    I haven't spent christmas with my family since I left home at 18. Now I live as far away from them as I could get w/out leaving the U.K. lol. I really don't get on with them.

    I read somewhere that friends are the family that you pick yourself and I'd rather be with friends that I like than family I don't=)

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    Yeah,I think its important to spend Christmas with people you really enjoy being with and if those people arent your parents/family,than so what?I know that if I want to have a peaceful Christmas time the price is going away from my family.And I am so much happier than four years ago.

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    I'm a moslem and I don't celebrate Christmast but we also have a 'big day' like that. when all families and relations gather in our grand's home, do chit chat, eat, present (just for the kids) and so.

    Just don't know why at that day I always think like "i hope tomorrow would come faster" bcause I'd never feel comfort w/ my relations somehow~

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    I spend Christmas with my family because I get on with most of them, but I can understand not wanting to spend a special holiday with them if you don't enjoy their company. So long as you spend your special holiday with the people you care about is all that matters, and they don't nessisarily have to be family members.