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    haunted house

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    do u have those dimmer lights, anyway make low lights...spooky lights

    get people to dress up as zombies, make ghosts, hang fake cobwebs

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    now are you going to just decorate the front of the house are you doing this in your house cause I loved helping my dad get the garage all set up for our haunted house.

    1. dark lights or use black florsent lights are even a cheap black light bulb

    2. Hang sheets /blankets to divide as walls if you need too.

    3. spooky cd of sounds is a good investment its usually a buck.

    4. if you are using the black lights sprinkle just a little bit of powder laundery detergent on the ground..it will glow off the light

    5. take out you gouls/ghosts/monster decorations

    6. Make a few dead dummies and you can use the fake blood tut that was recently posted for effects.

    7. Get that fake cob web stuff and put those creepy crawlies on it.

    8. recurite some live ppl and have them dress up in the most scariest costumes and have them in paticular areas for jumping and scaring them.

    9. you can also put like a cut out behind a window/curtain with the light where you just see the shadow...my dad did a cut out of a figure with it holding a knife..it was really creepy.

    10. spray paint some foam or cardboard for tombstones and put in yard.

    11. a fogger is always a good investment as well.

    12. Hang some skellies on the trees..or you can get a black capes with those creepy masks and sew it on it and hang it where when the wind blows it looks like a flying goul.

    well here is just some ideas hope it helps have fun...i love halloween

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    Thanks to all ideas for the haunted house,so far.

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    Uhm... What Sug said Happy

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    Will this haunted house be set up in your home? If so maybe set your Haunted House up with a 'promenade' like performance. A promenade performance is commonly used in drama and involves the audiences being led around the space. By doing this it means that you could take in small groups of people and have someone in costume be the 'leader' to guide them through the haunted space and you can also create more of a story and make sure none of the guests get up to any mischief. You could then set up the different rooms of your house with different 'scenes' - eg: your kitchen could become a mad scientist's laboratory, your basement a 'dungeon' and your yard could be a spooky graveyard

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    ahaha just realised that this was from '08 XD

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    I'm really envy u all. cauze there is hallowen in ur country. B-)

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    I have a ghost living in the room above mine. You can come set it up in my house if all else fails. lololol (just kidding)

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    I live in Aust,so we don't really celebrate it over here (it is gaining in popularity though!) But something about it just appeals to my macabre side, and I love any excuse to dress up.