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    Tenth Doctor Plushie?

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    I've been drooling over David Tennant the moment I saw him, and I'm a huge fan. I want to make a little plushie, and more specifically, this plushie: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=s1quc68vcdbahpe1338h5jl7r2&topic=417647.0

    I want to make that plushie so badly, but there's no tutorial on it. I've never made plushies before, so could someone be kind enough to make a tutorial of some sort (and of course give credit to the creator) and teach me how to make the Doctor, his clothes, and maybe even the sonic screwdriver? I'd love you all forever if you can help. Please, please, please? <3

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    That's quite a complex plushie, so it might not be easy to start off with something like that if you're just a beginner. Do you want it to look exactly the same? Or a smaller, simplified version? Happy