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    World of Warcraft... :-D

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    who play?? i cant wait for cataclysm, I love this game.

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    I play WoW, I'm completely addicted. Hehe

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    I love MMORPGS! Guildwars is my personal preference, but WoW is cool too Happy

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    I've just started getting into WoW ^^ so good! Happy

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    I'm on Icecrown... my first character (a human warlock) just hit 33 or 34...

    say hi when I'm online (character name is Valakei

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    I play a level 80 warlock on the infamous Moon Guard server.. Poke Vjorlana on US side if you're ever there. Happy

    (Yes, I play on US despite living in Europe, but I love it here. Happy )

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    my husband and I used to play. taking a break right now, lots of stuff going on, but will pick it back up again after the new extension comes out Happy I play a lvl 80 warlock Happy