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    True Blood

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    A new show on HBO, starring Anna Paquin. It's set in a small Louisiana town, vampires have exposed themselves to the world and let it be known they are real! With the invention of synthetic blood they don't need to feed anymore and are looking for rights! Anna plays a barmaid in a rural bar/restaurant when she encounters her first vampire!


    I really liked the first two episodes Happy

    They are based on books called Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris.

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    Oh yeah I watched the first two round my friend's house! I thought it was brilliant, and Alan Ball's a genius (maker of Six Feet Under <3)

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    I heard about this

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    This show is awesome but really hard to describe to people without it sounding like buffy.

    It's about a blonde girl with unique powers who falls in love with seemingly the only good vampire in a world with unknown evils like werewolves and the such.

    But it;s written by the guy who did six feet under and american beauty and its dark and adult and well worth a view

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    Oh hello, you've returned!

    Yeah I can't describe it without it sounding really awful. And if you can't take vampires seriously it doesn't work

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    I read some of the books, and had an episode when I found out there would be a television adaptation. Then I nearly died because I don't have HBO, just lost my HBO rights. I'll have to watch it online.

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    I just started watch it and I love it...its an awsome show, me and my boyfriend watch it together

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    I am just about to watch last nights episode Happy I really like it. I like that it's kinda slow moving, you get to know and feel the characters.

    Anyone notice that Sookie's brother was in Home and Away?! haha

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    me too, I sat down and watched all of the first epp's. I couldn't wait to see the rest. I love the show and can't wait to see the next one!

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    I'm addicted

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    Meh. I heard about it and didn't really like the idea. I like my vampires to be like Nosferatu or Dracula. I've never liked the hip, "sexy" vampires that Buffy and Interview With The Vampire popularized.

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    rainbow, you really should watch a epp thou

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    *nods* You're right. Hmm... I'll just have to see when it comes on.

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    I've started seeing my friend Grim more now, so watching it more, and the more I see it the more I love it! I'm on about episode five or so now. And the title music is so good I had to download it

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    The title song is great!

    I had a dream about Jason's sexy body last night! I am not a fan of buff bods like his, but well my mind had other ideas ;) hehe

    I have to say though, while I love the show, Sookie is the lamest character! She is so boring.

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    anyone know where I can watch it online?

    the only places I found earlier were streaming from youku & that's an ass. it died after about 12 minutes! lol

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    I dunno, have you tried Veoh? You have to download something to play it but their videos are normally top quality. Either that or try and download it from www.torrentz.com through BitTorrent

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    its back!!!!!

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    Yeah man! First episode was really good =) it's also coming to FX if anyone in England wanted to watch it but didn't want to download

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    did u see the second epp? woah

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    No I'm going to watch it tonight! But what's gonna happen to Lafayette?!

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    ok, whats with the bull like creature...I know it has to be that woman. I forget her name

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    it seems too much like "ooh look vampireeee its so SECKSAY"

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    lol its like a vampire soap opera

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    aaaaah! don't look at previous posts don't look at previous pooosts....

    it hasn't been shown here yet but it's coming this week, I was surprised that the boy has sky plused it but it means we'll be watching it together at his house...in HD! but my mum is interested as well so might be watching all the episodes twice! haha!

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    I don't believe it's Marianne, but I must know what it is. Episode four tonight!

    Courtney it's really not like that. It's Alan Ball for one, so it's full of irony and it's obviously done by someone who knows TV inside and out. Alan Ball put it himself as "popcorn TV", so it's not meant to be the most witty and intelligent thing ever, but if you actually give it a chance and go past the initial "bleh, vampires, great" you get really into it. My boyfriend really didn't think he'd like it (well, to be honest, I didn't either but at least I love vampire mythology so I thought I'd enjoy that) but he's gotten really into it.

    edit: Just watched four, I was obviously wrong!

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    Watched the first episode yesterday (it was a repeat, it's on on fridays but I forgot it was on last friday!)

    I liked it....it's very rude!! that's not the reason why I like it mind you! Vampire Bill is! ahaha no I do like it as a whole.

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    I actually don't like Vampire Bill =P there are much better vampires in it. I'm now watching it as it's on TV and also as it comes out in America, which is interesting. I like watching series one and knowing who's gonna die.

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    has anyone seen he latest episode, I would like to see what name the come up for Suki, like what she is, with the whole mind reading thing...and that church is crazy. some interesting stories being evolved. Can't belive daisy would do that to sam.

    oh how they hook us

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    I <3 True Blood.