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    how to stop nail polish chipping off?

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    does anybody know any ways to prevent nail polish chipping off. My nail polish always seems to start chipping the day after i paint them.

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    Get a good clear top coat. That usually seems to help mine. And there is chip resistant nail polish. I have a couple and they seem to work, but I do a lot of things with my hands throughout the day so mine only stay not chipped for a couple days at most.

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    I usually finish with a top coat and an extra swip along the edge of my nail. My polish usually looks good for at least a week.

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    Thanks. I'll try that Happy

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    I work with my hands so much that no matter what I do, they get chipped, but if I take it easy for a few days, I know how to get nail polish to stay on...

    First, if your nails aren't painted, use a buffer wand on them... usually they're two-sided with a rough side for scratching up your nails and a smooth side for polishing them.

    After you have them buffed, shape them if you need to.

    Wash your hands, especially your nails, with a mild soap and dry them completely.

    Put a clear base coat on very thin and give it a few minutes to dry. After that, apply your nail polish on top of the base coat. If you use 3 thinner layers, it's usually better than 2 thicker layers, especially if you have the patience to let each layer dry completely... then all you have to do is put on your top coat, let it fully dry, and then your nail polish shouldn't chip as soon.

    Felicity's extra swipe across the edge of your nails will probably help a ton, too.

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    Top coat, as they said before Happy You might as well try some clear nail polish under your real nail polish, if it's a colour like black or red, which you can't get off easily. It keeps the nailpolish to get into your nails, which you CAN'T remove using nailpolish. ALWAYS let your nailpolish FULLY dry before you put on the next layer, if you didn't already. (:

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    I'm with Monika Göttindóttir, I put at least two top clears coats on and it'll be chipped a little the next day. I think it's pretty unavoidable!!

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    Thanks for the tips. I alaways use a base coat because yeah i usually wear red nail polish and it would stain like Uhm rawr said. Happy I'll try the buffer and the clear top coat and a swipe across the edge of the nail too. I dont mind if they get a little chipped i just dont like it when most of it just flakes off.

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    get a good base coat and top coat. china glaze makes a good base coat. and people seem to love sech veit top coat. i think that's how you spell it lol