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    Singer Sewing Machine

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    My friend has an old and big Singer sewing machine in a good quality. She needs cash and wants to sell it. If anyone knows how much its worth, or if anyone is seriously interested, please let me know. Thanks!
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    unfortunately without the make, model and year; appraising the price is impossible.
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    thanks. I asked her the details and will update soon.
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    sorry for the long update, I hope someone could help me on this. this sewing machine will be put on sale (its for my friend) so I really appreciate any kind of info. thanks

    ps. the year is around 1920, model will be updated soon. sorry if it takes so long.
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    That is beautiful... I've got a singer myself, also an older model, though nowhere near that old.
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    If it is still in good working condition and has all it's parts she could get between $120 and $150.
    If it's missing parts or not working between $80 and $100
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    thank you for the kind answers, this is very helpful :) I will inform my friend now.

    PS. if anyone here is interested please PM me, I will get you in contact with my friend. just as a note, the item will ship from Greece.
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    The machine looks like a Singer model 15-88. The main giveaway for the model 15 is that the thread tension disc assembly is on the side (rather than the front, laike later machines.) The industrial model 31 machine has the tension discs in the same location bit is about 15cm longer and much heavier.

    It's hard to tell the condition from the photos but it appears that this machine has the "sphinx" or "gingerbread" graphics, either one of which makes it just a bit more unusual. If the finish is intact and free of scratches this could be of interest to some collectors.

    The price it could command has a lot to do with where you are and what the local market is like.

    The main function test is to see if the wheel, with the treadle belt detached, turns. If it turns with little or no resistance it likely doesn't need as much effort to get it in working condition.

    One of my machines is a Model 15-90 (with a belt-driven electric motor) from the early 1930s. It's a great machine.

    Here are a couple of links with some of the visual details of the model 15 and the numerous "clones" out there.

    Cheers and feel free to follow up with any further questions if you like.

    Medium singer 15 88 decal
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    thank you very much for your kind reply. I have informed my friend, and see what she decides next.


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