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    Lots and lots of lace...

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    So at one of the thrift stores here, I found 5 yards of 12" wide scalloped lace. It's ivory in color, and pretty lightweight.
    But what should I do with it? I got some other lace as well that I will be using on skirts and dresses, but I have no idea what to do with this cut because there's 15 feet of it and it's a foot wide.

    Any ideas? I'd like to use it in some kind of more gothic clothing.
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    You could make a set of Victorian style handkerchiefs, maybe monogram them also.
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    Hm... that's an interesting idea. :D
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    Maybe create lace roses/flowers to attach onto tops of hairbands/hair accessories?
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    You could sew like 5 rows of them overlapping onto the bottom of the sleeves of a long sleeve black shirt. That might turn out really cute. Or get a pair of old pants and stripe the legs horizontally with lace all the way down. You could also dye them whatever colors you want.
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    I immedietely think of lace underthings...not necessarily meant for the boudoir, but perhaps a camisole or something that will show with certain clothes? I know you mentioned gothic, and this may be a tad too "romantic" for your style, but hey, throwing it out there. Gothic does cover several subgenres after all. :}
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    Well you can dye it a different color to go with whatever you want, if the color is one thing that is putting you off making stuff with it. I have some lace too and have no idea what to do with it because it's like 4 inches wide. I have like half inch lace that I think I could use to make panties with.

    Since there is 15 feet of it, you could use it to put at the bottom of a petticoat! That way it will show from underneath a skirt and look pretty. Otherwise since it's so wide idk what I would do with it. If it were smaller, I would put it as the edging of a cloak/cape, skirts, bottom of shirts.
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    I'm thinking I'm going to add some to a button-down shirt I have that needs something cool done to it... new sleeves and a lace bottom, I'm thinking. I might cut parts of it down to make it less wide and maybe put ruffles on a tshirt or something with it. We'll see.
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    Wide lace like that can be used as the material from the top of the bra to the high neckline on a modern-day victorian dress. Then match it on the forearms, over the material from the wrist up towards the elbow a foot. Plus, it could go on the bottom of the skirt. That would be a georgous dress. Or, you could find a blouse pattern with a yoke and use the lace for the yoke. Tuck the blouse into a long skirt and you could get your vic. dress that way. Good find though!
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    Hm... something with a dress might be pretty neat.
    I'm giving some thought to making a skirt of some sort.

    I might play around with it this week and see what I can think of.
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    i have a ton of that kinda lace too >.< not sure what to use it for either :P


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