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    Things to do with lace?

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    What are some ideas??? I have a major craft block....
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    Chokers or wrist cuffs! Or you can decorate shirts/skirts with it =]
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    Oh wrist cuffs I haven't thought of those :D Thanks ~ I'm also planning on using some on a dress I'm making :D
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    I actually had some lace I wanted to upcycle so I collected a whole bunch of ideas for lace on my upcycling board on Pinterest. (See following link)
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    This site is so cool that if you go to "projects" and type "lace"into the materials field it gives you 1358 suggestions.
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    you can grab a plain shirt and add lace ruffles to the bottom, sleeve, or around the neckline! Perhaps you can make lace flowers as well. :)
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    Depending on how much you have you could take a shirt, chop it up and give yourself a fancy lace yoke. Or a back yoke, I dunno what you would technically call that come to think of it.

    Maybe you could line something with it, inside of a hood maybe or a coat even. You could put it up against some silk or something, I love the way that looks.


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