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    Hey! Anybody have any awesome crafting ideas? Or has un-discovered crafting talent and would love to share? Post it here, or leave a comment on one of my projects. I'm Craftiequeen2000 Happy!

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    Also, if anyone has a question about one of my projects just post it, and I'll reply to it as soon as possible!

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    (um...just learned how to almost play the piano with both hands...but can't read music Tongue) does that count??? oh! i get crazy ideas. is evil (not like a wizard)

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    This totally counts! I play the piano too BTW.

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    I randomly bought a cookie wool felt kit at Daiso last week....when I started working on it, I was afraid I'd freak out my new room mate because it looked like hairballs for the first few hours...

    I play piano...uh....THREE!

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    Cool! So, kind of crafts are both of your favorite?

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    BTW you guys are amazing crafters! I love your projects.

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    Thanks Happy I make jewelleries and my own paint....I come up with different Ideas when I'm doing some craft...and forget abou I later on Tongue so I don know what happens to me Happy

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    Also watch your notifications blow up Tongue

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    I saw! I really appreciate you leaving comments, and liking things! Wait, you make your own PAINT!

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    uh-huh it's already up. how to make paint

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    I saw it the project, it looks really cool!

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    <-------- thanks

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    your post is blank...

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    Hmm...I don't know what's wrong anyway thanks I really like the penguin


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