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    Hey! Anybody have any awesome crafting ideas? Or has un-discovered crafting talent and would love to share? Post it here, or leave a comment on one of my projects. I'm Craftiequeen2000 Happy!

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    Also, if anyone has a question about one of my projects just post it, and I'll reply to it as soon as possible!

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    (um...just learned how to almost play the piano with both hands...but can't read music Tongue) does that count??? oh! i get crazy ideas. is evil (not like a wizard)

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    This totally counts! I play the piano too BTW.

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    I randomly bought a cookie wool felt kit at Daiso last week....when I started working on it, I was afraid I'd freak out my new room mate because it looked like hairballs for the first few hours...

    I play piano...uh....THREE!

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    Cool! So, kind of crafts are both of your favorite?

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    BTW you guys are amazing crafters! I love your projects.

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    Thanks Happy I make jewelleries and my own paint....I come up with different Ideas when I'm doing some craft...and forget abou I later on Tongue so I don know what happens to me Happy

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    Also watch your notifications blow up Tongue

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    I saw! I really appreciate you leaving comments, and liking things! Wait, you make your own PAINT!

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    uh-huh it's already up. how to make paint

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    I saw it the project, it looks really cool!

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    <-------- thanks

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    your post is blank...

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    Hmm...I don't know what's wrong anyway thanks I really like the penguin

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    Thanks! I was afraid he didn't really look like a penguin...

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    Oh lol! I feel the same too when I'm sculpting!

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    I have a how to for a glitter pen !! Solution to all the glitter mess...! So when you press the top thing ( you need the pen with the spring inside) glitter !!

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    OO and I make my own plastic beads I have a tutorial up already

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    Wow. You are so talented!

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    I worries I like the burger

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    Thanks Happy So, when did you start crafting?

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    Uh, I don't really know haha.. But I thnk I did start crafting after I discovered this website!

    I do remember when I discovered it the egg nest pendant, name necklace,magazine necklace and lollipop pendants were popular!!! But knew how to make magaine necklaces already..I saw a video by venues ocean in youtube and she also has an account here in this site!

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    Cool! I've been doing it practically my entire life, Its so, in a word, awesome!!!!

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    FOR ONE THING, did you know that awesome ends with me and ugly starts with u

    if you know what i mean

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    Thats hilarious! Happy Did you make that up?

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    Tongue how did you know! But I think it's already up in googleTongue

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    aw! Somebody beat you to it..Lol!!

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    LOLOOL true! woah! I never really asked you what you like to do ! Tongue

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    Umm, I guess beadwork/ modeling clay Happy


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