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    Where to get Ring bases?

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    I went to Michaels and A.C. Moore and neither had them. does any one know where I can find them for a good price. I'm just looking for a simple adjustable ring with a flat base.

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    There's some lots of 100 of them on ebay if you do a search on there~

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    If not, there are loads of other places online that do a pack of 10 or 25 etc. Just do a google search.

    If you mean highstreet stores then I can't help you there Happy I'm in the UK and don't see them anywhere!

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    Hm I've always wondered this since, as Ruby said, there doesn't seem to be any UK high street stores that do them. Except maybe Hobby Craft? but there isn't one near me so I couldn't say!!

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    Thanks for this tread...It reminded me that I too needed ring bases. Wanted to make the felt flower ring...can't remember who's project it is.

    Anyways, I went to ebay and just purchased 30 for 8.50. Thats like 28 cents a ring. (Total cost includes shipping. I think it was like 10 rings for 99cents.)

    Seemed like a good price to me.

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    If ur in the USA, i found some in Hobby Lobby ...but they were so expensive (like $4)! And there were only 3 in a pack! >.<

    I was wondering where else u could get them too.

    I hate buying things online, but that seems to be the only option.

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    Thanks Ruby, I don't have any or need any right now, but I was wondering where to get some from. I do a lot of sewing and I was to try jewellery making!!

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    Thanks everyone for the help! I live in the USA and any of the craft stores around don't carry anything for rings. It's really strange, I guess people around don't make rings?? I hate buying online but I think I will check out ebay. I have googled it and I didn't want to buy from places if I was sure how safe the place was. I don't want to get screwed over.

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    You can also buy them off of Etsy. I'm in the US, and the only place I've seen them not online is Hobby Lobby, but they didn't have the flat base. I think Sug said she used to get hers online at Oriental Trading Company.

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    I got mine at rings and things online (rings-things.com)

    I got them in a pack of half a gross for 18 bucks. And they were adjustable to even larger sizes which is nice Happy They come in several different designs and finishes.

    Etsy is always a good choice too.

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    Thank for the info. cool

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    http://www.the-beadshop.co.uk/ is where I get mine from in the UK. They have a few different types and you can buy in singles or in bulk. Quite a good store for jewellery makers, selling a huge range of findings and beads. There are a couple of shops in my home town with jewellery making supplies but there is always that one thing they don't have, so I try to buy a load of bits all together from the site.

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    If you really can't find any, you can make your own. It's really simple, there are like 5 diys for it on here.

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    search etsy supplies you can get a few different designs and colours and theyre cheap dont buy the asian ones the paints are toxic in many cases


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