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    What can I do with Pony Beads?

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    Help please!

    I am totally obsessed with getting Pony Beads mostly because they come in all different kinds of colors

    now I have so much I don't know what to do with them

    I've made a lot of Pony Bead bracelets but I wnat to make something else

    Any suggestions??

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    Hi Janet,

    I use pony beads to crochet on socks. When my oldest daughter was little I used to crochet beads onto the edges of her socks to match her outfits. They are quick and easy and really turn out cute!!

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    Wow she must of loved them


    I'm going to try that

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    Are pony beads the round, flat ones that are usually made of plastic and come in bright colours?

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    I think they are

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    Pony bead animals!!!

    they are the best things in the whole wide world.

    http://www.makingfriends.com/ponybead/ponybead_animals.htm - they make great keychains and zipper pulls. hehehe

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    You know you can melt them too! Have a bowl or some kind of form, put foil on it and then stack your beads up on the inside, building up the walls and then bake . If I remember its 350 or 375. You have to keep an eye on them. They will melt together. If you have an exhaust fan, turn it on cuz pony beads smell bad ! You can make candle holders, a fruit bowl, etc.... I had some of the transparent colored ones and

    when they melted they were really pretty!

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    Ok thanks

    yea the smell was horrible

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    Yeah, melting beads does smell pretty bad but the possibilities are endless.

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    Thats an awesome idea! Im gonna try it!

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    Are they like hama beads?? lol

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    Not really

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    I'm also a bit of an addict and like crocheting them into jewellery. I've made loads of crocheted wool bracelets with pony beads crocheted in and I've recently started doing the same with beading wire.

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    Ever work with boondoggle? Pony beads are the best to use with it. I make keychains and I think you can make animals with pony beads and boondoggle. I'm still trying to find the proper instructions for it though.

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    I used my daughters left over pony beads in a mosaic...ver colorful and they gave it an awesome 3D effect..I like the melting idea, have to try that one.

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    I like those animal patterns, have to give that a try.

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    if you use stretch magic then you can incorporate the animal patterns into wrist bands too =]

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    Whoa! I can't wait till tomorrow morning so I can start melting things in my oven! lol Hubby's gonna love this one!!

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    I have made bead curtains with my pony beads.

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    I have some friends and they came over today with the same problem and I took some of my beads, some glue, and a little time and we started gluing our names onto pillows! We also tried the melting idea! Then we started to get ahead of ourselves and the glue was actually showing all around the pillow so then we sowed the beads on the pillow, a little more difficult than glue but worth it!

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    You can always go with the simple pony bracelet idea XD

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    you can make a hat with them! or put them on your shoe laces. My husband knows a girl who made an entire rainbow brite costume out of pony beads and a teddy bear.

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    I think threading them through clothes to give your clothes a new look would be cool! Maybe use them like your embroidering!

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    fringe on curtains/lamps?

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    If you have a bunch that you really don't like the color of, you can use them in this fabric necklace, which is what I did with a bunch of nasty neon yellow ones. http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/2011/01/jersey-garland-necklace-tutorial.html

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    i usually put pony beads through lanyarn keychains or bracelets with hemp. gluing beads on a card is also a good idea. a friend did that for me once. hope this helps! Happy

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    I thread them onto wire hangers. The hardest part is twisting the hanger back together when you are finished. I also thread them onto wooden skewers. That will really impress your guests at the next dinner party. Use a hot glue gun & mine were dishwasher safe.


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