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    Craft Challenge Continued :D

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    On my old account I started the "Craft Challenge" a few times and it has gotten lost in the posts.

    If you've never played, this is what you do:

    You challenge the person above you to a crafty challenge- something as simple as:

    "I challenge "person above's name" to make a purse"

    or as crazy as:

    "I challenge *person above's name* to make child's toy out of an old shirt, book, and paper"

    Just have fun and be creative!

    All you have to do is challenge the commenter above you... You can do it as many times as you like!

    It can get really fun and it can last FOREVER *echoes* ever-ever-ever

    Now I will take a challenge! Let the games commence!

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    Ohh fun!!

    Okay, I challenge IrisMakesStuff to make a project based on her favorite book. (If you wat an extra challenge: out of recycled materials). Happy

    ooo me next, please!

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    I challenge Risa to make a paper origami jewellry

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    I'm thinking a book clutch! YAY! haha I challenge Syeyon to bake something inspired my something gross (example:trash can cake)

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    I challenge Iris to make something based on an internet meme! Happy

    Also: I can't bake or cook, so please keep it craft related. Tongue

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    I challenge Lauren to make something out of old gift cards

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    I just ran out of fimo!! IrisMakesStuff !! I'll make it out of play-doh then Happy

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    I challenge this one laydi to make something themed on her favorite snack!


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    I challenge Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) to cook something using only white ingredients

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    Oh that is a good one Lowe! Syeyon, I have finished the origami jewelry and will post soon.

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    I challenge Lowe to make a project involving your favorite vegetable, your favorite animal, and the third thing you see after looking away from this post. Happy PS. DONE! I will post my white ingredient project soon! Although I read it as bake instead of cook. eep! does it still count??

    I'll take another challenge!

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    I challenge Risa.Hanae to make an accessory for your favorite animal Happy

    I'd love a challenge!

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    Challenge accepted I challenge Cupcake_Warrior to make an item inspired by your favourite book out of duct tape

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    Also @Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) baking it can still count Happy

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    Challenge accepted! Happy