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At the end of next month I am headed down south and will get to stop at my all time favourite craft store, Hobby Lobby. Since i am just starting to rekindle my creative spirit my supplies are limited. Well unless you count knitting stash and a bunch of outgrown teen clothes I can upcycle. What are your favourite must haves? I am going to making room in the car for my shopping finds. Things tend so be spendy where I live now so this will be an awesome chance to stock up.

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My essentials for jewelry making:
-a full set of pliers
-wire, usually 20g and 24g, in a few different strong metals
-all sorts of beads... glass, plastic, metal, whatever
-earring posts, hooks, studs
-head pins and eye pins in short and long
-a small sketchbook to jot new ideas into
-crimp beads, crimp tubes, and covers
-necklace chains
-semi-precious stone chips

For other accessories:
-cool prints of fabrics
-silk flowers
-elastic, 1 inch and 1/2 inch
-high-temp hot glue gun
-hair clips and hairbands
-sewing needles and thread

For storage:
-clear plastic jars
-small plastic drawer sets
-plastic tubs
-ziplock bags or bead tubes
-sharpie for labeling

I'm envious of you! I won't get to go to Hobby Lobby for a while and my craft stash has been almost entirely exhausted!

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I'm into making plushies and things out of fabric so....
meters of fabric, different colours and types
fake fur
squares of felt in many colours (i bought some off ebay)
pva glue, fabric glue, glue gun
hama beads + pliers (roundnose) or tweasers to pick them up with
googly eyes
books for inspiration
this site (I look at how-to's and decide what I'd like to make, I also look at peoples profiles that I am swapping with and buy stuff to make them something out of)

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Great! Thanks for the ideas. I would love to have as many thoughts as possible as I haven't done this in forever. Monika, sorry you can't go to HL. Do you need me to pick anything up for you??

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Fimo clay
various glues
interesting charms
Adjustable ring backs
Earring posts and jump rings
Embroidery thread
Seed beads

Usually I recycle what I have on hand though

SOAP MOLDS and craft books for inspiration

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For me its jewellery making stuff that is a must have but heres a load including fabric and sewing.
Headpins and Eyepins,
Pliers and cutters,
Tigertail and crimps,
jumprings and splitrings,
BEADS! and lots of them,
seed beads,
nymo thread,
beading needle,
Fimo clay,
Clay tools,
liquid fimo,
fabric, ribbon,
embroidery thread,
self cover buttons

Theres so much more but i cant off the top of my head think of it all, id always come up with more. I've just ordered a load of semi precious beads, findings and pendants and they should arrive tomorrow Happy I love craft shopping x

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I LOVE Hobby Lobby! I love the fact that you can go online and print their coupons! I always print off a few more than I need, and end up giving them to other crafters in the store, we all need a little help from time to time.

(I could stay for hours when they put up the Christmas ornaments.. so shiny)

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Hobby Lobby's coupons get me excited. I just hate it when they're for something like balsa wood. I never use that. Give me more generalized coupons! Haha.

Michael's has a good coupon going on right now. It's 25% off your entire purchase, even with sale items.

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I waiting on another huge bead order now lol, My fiancee just said buy what you need and i ended up purchasing over 28 strands of semi precious beads (because I stocked up on findings earlier this month) and all these strands came to about £45 Happy so happy they should arrive on monday Happy

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I love it when u get free reign with someone else's money, esp with a discount because u can say look i saved u money Tongue

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