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    Alice in Wonderland

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    I don't know about al of you but I am SO EXCITED about Alice in Wonderland starting on Friday!! I found this site with AIW crafts on it if anyone is interested!!!


    There are some Valentines stuff (saving mine for next year) and some really cute crafts (even some good for little ones)

    Plus it's a Disney craft site so there are tons other things too!

    So enjoy!! Happy

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    I'm really excited for the movieHappy And I'll have to check the link outHappy

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    Love the link! I am SOOOOO excited about the movie! I'm sad I can't go see it tonight at midnight! I'm going in costume with a bunch of friends Happy It's going to be awesome!

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    These crafts are so cute!

    I can't wait for the movie. I'm going tomorrow with my mom, who is also a huge Johnny/Helena/Tim fan, and I'm going in a sort of Red Queen inspired outfit, with a little hair bow I made out of a 8 of Hearts playing card (found the tutorial on here!).

    I've known about the movie since about May or June, maybe earlier, 'cause I did a project on Tim Burton when I was in grade 8.

    I saw it on Wikipedia that "he is currently working on a reproduction of 'Alice In Wonderland' starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter for early March 2010" and was like "Score! This is going to be wicked!"

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    I soooooo can't wait to see it. This is how enthusiastic I have been about going to see it...

    My mum doesn't usually like weird gothicy kind of films and stuff, however I've been so excieted to see it that it's made her really enthusiastic about seeing it too!!!! I think I might go and see it next Wednesday (so I can use my Orange Wednesday thingy!!).

    I'm hoping it'll be really coooool, otherwise I shall be very dissapointed and pull this sad face Happy

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    I can't wait to see the film, in the meantime I am planning an Alice in Wonderland themed chocolate garden tea party! If anyone has any ideas for decorations, that would be fab! My friend is actually going to make a face-cake of Johnny Depp! xxxx

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    That's great, that so many get dress to see the movie. I just came back from watching the movie, and all I can say is it's incredible. It's done in true Tim Burton fashion. It has now become one of my top favorite movies.

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    Just watched the film and I agree it was fantastic!

    Thankyou for sharing the site, checking it out now!

    Ive been an obsesive Alice in Wonderland fan since I was tiny >.<

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    I got to see the premire, totally worth staying up lateHappy

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    I wanted to see the premiere but it froze on my computer *cries*

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    Loved the movie!! Amazing! The craft site is cool, I started making my own Mome Raths before out of felt lol. Thanks for the link!

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    The movie was brilliant. So good I watched all the credits as the surround was 3D Plants and mushrooms growing......how many of you left without seeing them?

    Thanks for the link Melissa...I've added it to my faves so I can go back....again....and again.....and again Happy

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    OMG everyone I talk to left! My friend and I stayed to the very end to watch the plants and flowers grow!!! it was amazing!

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    ^ i wanted to stay until the very end, but my dad was driving and he refused to -_-

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    Yay......glad I wasn't the only one who saw the credits Happy