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    What can i make from prescription pill containers?

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    Hey everyone. I go through a small orange prescription pill container every month and I used to save them thinking I could come up with something to make from them, but I'm still stumped. I have played around with the idea of melting them down to make something but I have no idea how to do that. I could use them as candle holders I suppose? HELP

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    You could use them for storage for things like beads or buttons or sequins.

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    make a cute little emergency sewing kit--cover the outside with a strip of pretty paper--place a sewing needle with a long length of thread into a piece of fabric, several small buttons, a safety pin

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    I made a gift for Valentines last year for my husband.I covered up the pill container with some pretty paper,wrote "Love Pills-dont forget to take one every day!" on it.Cut little cards from paper and written one treat on every piece.For example: You can have the remote control today. Or: You will get 55 kisses right now. Or anything that your partner likes. Make little balls "pills" from the notes and put them in the pill container.

    My husband loved it,he got one pill every day for a month.

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    That's a cute idea violetta. I used to save prescriptions bottles to recycle, but I never got around to playing around with any ideas so I tossed them.

    But check this out


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    In the manga Paradise Kiss, there's a girl who got given a prescription bottle of sweets when she was little and told they were happy pills, and that when they ran out she could just put sweets in and they would turn into happy pills =)

    Not that relevant but I thought it was adorable.

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    I'm a member of swap-bot.com and I've done a couple of swaps on there where we'd take our empty pill bottles, decorate them, and fill them full of little goodies (e.g. brads, sequins, ribbon, buttons, stickers, etc.) and send them to our partner. They were really fun swaps. Target has some really neat pill bottles that are oddly shaped and red that one of my partners made into a Christmas ornament for me. One of my friends is all about altering pill bottles now and when I remember I send her all my empty bottles. My doc loads me up on samples. Happy

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    I also have a lot of pill bottles, that i havnt figured out what to do with them.

    I mainly use them for storage, like for safety pins, needles, & little things.

    I wish i could figure out some better way to use them besides decorating them. :/

    Maybe i'll use them in a painting or sculpture someday.

    If you have guaged/stretched ears. Those would be some good storage for plugs etc. Since i tend to loose my smaller plugs & o-rings. & you can write what guage is on the lid, so u wont confuse them when stretching. And keep the bottles in a box. Thats a good idea...i think ill do that later. LOL

    As a side note. I have my storage bottles all on my desk, & only one really has pills in it. Well one day i went to get a pill from it ...and my brother came in my room to talk to me, looked at all the pill bottles and said "Damn?! Are you a druggie?" lol His eyes bugged outof his head.

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    Violetta that sounds like a lovely idea. What kind of pill container are we talking about?

    If we are talking about some kind of dosette box you could cut out individual bubbles in bubble wrap and try to make a bubble wrap calander here on CO+K, maybe?


    If we are talking about a bottle and are dark coloured bottles then there doesn't seem you can do much other that storage.

    If they are clear or light coloured you could do the fairy trapped in a bottle thing that is on CO+K which is printing and/or cutting out pictures of family or friends and making them into little fairy's??


    If we are talking about a box then you could save a couple of boxes and try making something similar to the matchbox drawers?


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    You can stuff a plastic bag in there for when you're walking the dog (or just need a plastic bag), then poke holes in the top and wear it around your neck.

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    If you can find styrofoam balls you could make them into fun sculptures by just gluing them on and painting it (for some reason all I can really think of right now is getting a large ball and gluing a bunch all over it then painting it yellow or orange to look like a star or a sun). If you like making miniatures, you could use them as miniature table legs on a piece of cardboard, etc, or use them as the base for doll-sized duffel bags. You could use the caps to make costume goggles , or a homemade game of checkers with the lids and a flat piece of cardboard (like a pizza box?), or glue a magnet to the back of each lid and make a fun collection of fridge magnets. I'm on a roll here, if I think of more usages I'll post again! Good luck!

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    I have a million of these bottles saved, when i get around to it I bring them to the Humane Society and donate them to the clinic there for the animals that may need a Rx going home! They love getting them! I haven't foubnd anyhting crafty to do with them yet!