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    Please, how to make a skater skirt dress??

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    So yh I always make my own patterns just wanted a little guidance on the corset/top half. There is a pleated skirt.
    I am going to make it out of maroon coloured satin and for the bust cups I am going to cut up shoulder pads, but that is the bit i am not not sure of. how do i measure it, and how do i attach it to my dress.
    i will comment a picture of a similar style of dress.
    any links to a tutorial online would be great.
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    the dress

    Medium gia 13.12.12 aj 172  5
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    I feel like the shoulder pads might look a bit odd as bust cups, if you've done it before and it looked good go for it, if not I would recommend getting some bust cups at Joanns (if you have a Joanns) or using an old bra. I think the bust cups come with directions xD Not sure. You could even get a pattern that had directions on putting in bust cups. And if I were you I would add boning to the dress...? If you were comfortable with doing that.


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