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    Denim skirt into shorts.. no diy?

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    Okay so I've been searching everywhere. Trying to see if theres a way to make my denim skirt into shorts. I don't really like it as a skirt because it's kinda short. But I think they'll make beautiful shorts.

    I've looked online, can't find any type of help and I figured; well this site helped me before, maybe it'll help me again.

    So far, nope, no help xD

    So can anyone else help me? I'd like shorts for spring/summer time!
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    It might be pretty difficult, and if you mess up it might completely ruin the skirt.

    If your skirt has a zipper, use it as a guideline as to where you place the crotch seam. Find a pair of shorts or jeans that you're comfortable in, and see how far the crotch extends beyond the zipper. Then, you can cut up the middle of the front and the back, then sew each side together. After that, you'll have to sew up the crotch so you don't have a hole there.

    I don't know if that seems too complicated, but if you want to lengthen the skirt, you can always add ruffles to the bottom of it pretty easily.
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    To be honest, I think the shorts will end up to small around the legs and sort of baggy at the top, because if you imagine shorts are made with seam allowance, especially around the crotch area, and i think with the skirt there's just not enough material.

    Good luck though, tell us how it goes :)
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    There are also several tutorials that you can find through Google... I found a couple video results and even more written tutorials.
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    I was actually thinking that today..


    I tried searching on google, but I only found shorts to skirt, not the other way around..
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    Try Craftster... or Yahoo.


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